Hello beautiful people, if you clicked here it's beacause you want to know how to be happy and live a happy life. This is my own tips but they work, i hope you will find happiness after reading this beacause all of you worth it.

Stop thinking about what people think of you

Yes I know it's complicated but you can, don't matter about what they think about you, you are who you are and they don't have to judge you just because your are not like they want you to be, stay yourself, always and never change for others. It's a hard work on yourself but you can do it. Wear what you want to wear, wear makeup if you like it, laugh, cry, scream, dance, sing, write, draw, talk, love, live, do everything you want for you and not for others. This is your life, not their.

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Meditate and focus on what you want

You don't have to learn every tips for meditation or stuff like this. Just, every morning when you wake up take a few minutes to remind yourself what you want to achieve in your life, ask fot what you want, say to you everything is possible and you can achieve all your goals. And after ask for what you want to achieve during the day, say to you that you want to spend a good day, some things like that will make your day better.

Don't forget to remind yourself and meditate on what you already have, say yourself sorry for mistakes you made, nobody is perfect mistakes are normals but they are always a lesson to advance and to grow. Don't stay in the past, everything will be ok if you want it.

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Find what makes you happy and feel happiness

We all have something that makes us happy, it can be someone, a passion like dancing, singing or drawing, it can be an animal, your animal, it can be a song, a flower, the sunset or the sunrise, a moment of the day, a movie, a food or drink...I'm sure something makes you feel better, find something, write this on paper and do what you like so when you feel bad, do this and you'll see you'll feel better.

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Don't wait

I think this is the best advice i can give you. Don't wait, happiness is not something it's a way of life, a state of mind, don't say ''i wil be happy when...'' NO, choose to be happy right now and don't wait for someone or something to makes you feel happy, only you can be happy first, if you are not happy yourself how do you want others make you feel happy? Become happy doing what you like but nothing and nobody will make you be happy instead of yourself, if you want to be happy, be, you can do it.

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Stop to think negative

Please, stop to do this right now it's toxic for your mind. When you think negative you attract bad things and problem you don't want, when you say ''I don't want it..'' or somethings like this you attract this things just because you think of it. Always think positive and don't think about bad things and problem. You are in a bad situation? You already have problems in you life? Ok I know it's hard but see the good side of things not always the bad, think positive and want positive if you really want it. Say to you everything will be ok and bad things don't stay.

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Love yourself

I think i will write an article on it beacause it's very important. If you want people love you start to love and to accept yourself. Don't compare yourself to other you are who you are, don't want to be like other, you can be inspired by other but don't be a copy of them. Accept yourself like you are, find some little things you like on you, your hair, you eyes, your nose, your smile, your legs, your mouth, somethings but whoever how you are you are beautiful and you deserves happiness and love.

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That's all, i can say more but i stop her, if you want more tell me :)
I hope this tips hel^ped you for start to be really happy, if you want more detail read books of these authors: Deepack Chopra and Wayne Dyer.
All of love.