I’m late again, as usual lol yesterday I was super busy with 3 different projects sigh.

Honestly, I think this is one of the most difficult questions for me because I don’t think I have like, that typical “happiest moment in your life” or those kind of moments that I specially remember…I’m not expressing myself well, right? Anyway, I will write about two memories that I recall as good moments right now.

1 – This one was quite a long time ago, around 2 years ago. Two years can pass either so fast or so slow, and in my case it passed by so fast. It feels like it was yesterday but, at the same time It feels like a dream now. That year was very difficult for me, but at the same it was one of the best so far.

That year, I nearly lost the opportunity to follow what I thought my dreams were, or even be able to start with it. Then, my mother decided to impulsively buy tickets for the trip of our lives (at that moment), and a few months later we were there. The whole thing felt like a dream, it didn’t seem real, everything was too perfect. I remember being surrounded only by people who didn’t speak the same language as me, not even close to it, and instead of feeling anxious, actually I felt really happy and comforted. The entire trip is a good memory.

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One of my favorites was when we met with my cousin’s girlfriend, that is from there, and she took us to a bar. We felt relieved to be able to speak with someone in our language for a moment, in a dark and cozy place, listening to good music and forgetting about the cold outside. If I have the opportunity to go back to that place, I would definitely go.

Another one I affectionately remember is one day my mother and I went to a mountain. Our original idea was to visit a neighbourhood I had found through the internet, but by coincidence we found ourselves on the top of a little mountain. The view was amazing. Actually, my desktop wallpaper is a picture I took there. Some local people also went there. Somehow I felt like I fit in there, that’s why I finally decided to follow the path I did and study that language. I’m looking forward to go back and feel like that again.

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2 – This one is a more recent one, like 2 weeks ago or so. It may be insignificant for most of the people, because it’s something everyone is generally more than accustomed. But for me, it was something new.

Usually me and my friends go out on Saturdays to the same club as always. However, I rarely stay inside as I don’t like dancing and being surrounded by a lot of people. But I don’t know what happened that Saturday, maybe it was because of all the amount of alcohol I consumed, but I found myself dancing with people I didn’t even know. Well, they weren’t completely unknown, as a friend introduced them to me. The thing is I felt happier than ever. I was always so insecure and afraid to do anything that when that happened I couldn’t even believe myself.

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Then, the next Saturday I decided to drink again and feel like that again, and I think I managed to do that because I had so much fun that night, it felt the same as the last time. However, no more vodka or tequila for now please…