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Hey guys! So this is the first chapter of C42 Resurrection of The Lost Soul. If you haven't already the previous part of this story, the prologue can be read here in my previous article -

Well anyway here's the chapter -

Chapter 1 - The Black Pythons

3 years later...

"It is a pleasure to meet you in person."

"The pleasure is mine." The detective handshakes the head of the Japanese Investigation Taskforce, Hiroshima Nakato.

The detective is very short in height, barely reaching up to Hiroshima's shoulders. Dressed in full black, it is really hard for the others to depict if they should refer her as 'he' or 'she'. Her face hidden behind a mask is not enough to reveal that. She slowly starts moving towards her allocated seat in the table.

"I am Masahiro Kaguya"

"Hirito Kenta"

"Sachiko Tomomi"

"Daisuke Akio"

"Yutaka Takuna"

"Kiyoshi Shigeru"

They introduce themselves one by one. She takes her seat and studies each of them carefully. "I am C42; it is a pleasure to meet all of you. Thank you for inviting me in this meeting"

"No no, we should be thanking you for joining us this evening from all the way from Australia." Hiroshima sits down too. "You must be very busy we are grateful for your time and consideration."

She curls her toes together nervously. "Well in that case you're welcome."

He's right, C42 is really busy these days. The Black Pythons have really pushed it to the limit. Murders from all over the world are being reported. If something isn't done, these unjust acts would continue and the Black Pythons would just get bigger and stronger by day.

"Shall we start?"

"Sure Mr Nakato, I am very much ready to share my opinion with you all about the Black Python case." Her voice is going through an electronic voice changer so nobody would be able to hear her real voice. You see you when you are a detective like her there is a lot to consider before you reveal yourself. Like now for example, although the chance of someone sitting here in this meeting to turn out to be a criminal is 0.001% - C42 is still covered from top to toe including her face hidden behind a mask. She is wearing solid air tight gloves so she wouldn't leave her fingerprints anywhere.

There isn't a very big difference between attending this meeting physically and joining them by a screen, but anyways it is kind of customary to attend the seminars.

So she begins, "just 3 months ago a group of terrorists name Black Pythons attacked a shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan. Just two weeks following this incident a bank was robbed by the same group in London, UK. And this continues along with a couple more bombing, bus or plane hijacks and countless more murders throughout the whole world. Their main target isn't specified on any groups or categories, although the murders are usually seeming to be targeted on rich people. Mostly owners of big companies. Judging from the all incidents happening world wide, we can assume they are a pretty big organisation. "

Some of the members seem to be taking notes.

"Another matter that police and detectives all over the world are unsure about is the sudden increase in kidnapping. Children from infants to 5 year old are mostly targeted. It seems to be more common around London and other regions in England as well as other third world countries where there is less security and children are more vulnerable. The strange thing is that these abducted children just go missing and there is no other news from the kidnappers. Not one of the parents and carers who reported mentioned any contact from the kidnappers for any type of ransom. Another thing to note is that all these abduction was reported to have occurred at night. I know that sounds insignificant as night time is the ideal time for crimes to be committed but ... it was reported that most of these children were either in their room alone or off to bed when they went missing. Kidnapping children from inside where they are safe at home must be the work of pretty skilled criminals. We don't have concrete evidence but the Black Pythons are suspected to be involved in this. So far as much as we know, there hasn't been a single incident where the Black Pythons acted in daytime. "

She pauses.

It feels like somebody is watching me. I mean everybody is looking at me as I speak but this is different. It's as if somebody is observing my every movement from behind.

This feeling is so extreme that she starts curling her toes again.

She turns to Chief Nakato, "I know this is irrelevant to the topic but how much do you guarantee the security of this room?"

Everyone seems a bit uncomfortable with the question.

Nakato scratches the back of his head, "Well this room is air tight so no sound with escape. There are two trusted security guards outside the room and nobody is to enter without my permission. These windows are made of one-way vision glass which can you see through from the interior but never the exterior. They are also bulletproof. As already told you there are bodyguards outside and everybody sitting here is absolutely the most trusted members of the taskforce."

He pauses for my respond and then continues anyway, "What about your security C42. I'm surprised you came alone."

She shrugs. "Well I don't have those things. There has been so many cases in history where famous people have been killed by their own bodyguards," she let out one of those 'couldn'tbebothered' sighs. Not to mention my own history with bodyguards, most of them didn't turn out well. "And anyway coming here like a VIP with 10 bodyguards will just likely bring the crowd attention and this will leave me vulnerable to anyone spying at the moment. I wanted to come here without making any fuss. And talk about my security, I am more than capable of taking care and protecting myself."

Everybody is staring at her. Mr Nakato nods as if he wants her to continue but her silence leads him to the next question, "So C42, are you satisfied with our security?"

She take a moment to look around, everything seems fairly simple and private. But.......... Those big shelves make me feel a little uneasy.

"No" She replies.

There is another awkward silence and then she continues, "How can you be so sure that somebody hasn't installed built-in surveillance cameras inside this room?"

I still feel somebody's watching me. No I'm certain! I should not let another single word of the Black Pythons come out of my mouth.

Mr Nakato opens his mouth to say something but she stops him.

"Chief Hiroshima Nakato, I have a request."

Everybody looks up with questioning expression.

"I like you to search through this room myself. I apologize that this might be taking up our time put down for this gathering but I'm afraid I can't continue with revealing other information I've received about the Black Pythons."

She can tell he looks pretty reluctant about it but he nods and says "Alright if that's what you wish then you have my permission."

"Thank you, it would be very much appreciated." She smiles not that anyone can see behind her mask but it is clear to everyone about how satisfied she was.

I guess Mr Nakato had no choice. After all he wants my help in the new investigation. Not to say a lot of other Task Force teams and agencies all over the world wants my help in this new mystery. Everyone is having a hard time trying to solve this Black Python case.

Right now I get requests from investigators all over the world to be their partner or part of their team. After all I'm one of the greatest detectives in the current world today, C42.


"Whoever is hiding in there if you want me to spare your life at this moment, please come out?" C42 shouts pointing the gun at the huge shelves by side by side each other. She doesn't know how he managed to fit in there but it only tells her that not only he managed to get in there, he also blended through all the security used in this building.

Well I wasn't expecting a whole person, some built-in hidden cameras at maximum. Blah! This is disappointing.............

"Looks like I've got no choice, huh?" The man comes out.

One thing we can say that he's definitely not Japanese. He looks pretty young most probably in his 20s. He has golden blonde hair ruffled up in different ways revealing a pointy face with an evil smirk. He is wearing all black and looks rather relaxed. But this is just the outside of a criminal; they always maintain their calm but inside their alert and more than ready to make the next jump.

She continues with her gun still pointing at him. "Drop any weapons you have at the moment and put your hands up in the air. I will not hesitate to shoot you if you make a single move. Don't make me repeat."

The man does as she says slowly raising his hands up.

It feels as a whole tornado has gone through the room in the past few minutes so.

"Ha -" Daisuke Akio opens his mouth and leaves it open for so long that a fly could get in and out without any problem.

"No way" whispers Tomomi.

"This is -"

"How can -"

Mr Nakato finishes of the last statement, " Impossible!"

Everyone's eyes now are as big as the ones brought straight out of Japanese anime. For the next few minutes it is dead quiet.

Finally C42 breaks the silence, "Well as you didn't bring anything out, I assume you are claiming to have no weapon with you. Am I right?"

"No" he replies in a calm voice. "I don't."

"Hmm.... very funny. You expect me to believe that someone who has risked enough to get inside Japan Police Force's one of the most private rooms would come here without any type of weapons, not even for self-defense. This is not children's play!"

The man doesn't seem to respond. So anyway she continues with her gun not even for a moment moved from its target, "Okay, if you insist on so; I'll take care of that later. Now what's your name?"


"I said I don't like repeating" C42 demands in a sharp voice.

"John...... John Manners."

I can 99.98% guarantee that is not his real name.

"Okay John, now tell me who are you and why are you here."

"Don't waste your time on obvious questions whose answers you already know," he says coldly.

"Hmm..........So you admit to being someone from the Black Pythons and your sole purpose today was to find out how much information we already have gathered about the Black Pythons and our future plans so you can be more careful and plan the next move."

He nods.

Chief Hiroshima Nakato gets up, "My apologies C42, this man will be arrested in no time."

"No please, it isn't your fault that some people can be a bit too sneaky." She says maintaining courtesy. Yeah, now I know how much I should trust this Japanese Investigation Task force's security. A whole human has gone through and nobody realized!

She turns back to John Manners. "And one more question, how did you manage to get in here?"

He slowly explains how he tricked the bodyguards, disabled the security cameras and hacked through the Id system at the door. C42 glares at him suspiciously.

"Okay that's enough." Nakato gets a pair of handcuffs out of his pockets and quickly comes towards John.

"Be careful! he might -" C42 tries to warn him but it's too late. Just as Mr Nakato tries to handcuff him, John turns around and gets out a knife.

There is the sound of a blade slashing and the next thing she sees is Chief Nakato lying on the floor and there's blood everywhere.

After that everything happens in a matter of seconds. John comes straight towards C42 but she blocks him with a chair.

Miss Tomomi stands up and starts shooting but he dodges them all and then she finishes her off in a blink of an eye. Still that gives C42 the time to get up.

She presses the emergency rescue button on her belt.

It's going to be a while until Yamato arrives but I guess I'll just have to keep playing until he does.

Masahiro Kaguya kicks open the brown cabinet from there he throws her a shiny square shaped block.

C42 looks at it carefully in the small amount of time she is given. This must be a bulletproof shield.

She grasps it tightly and shoots a few bullets at John but again he manages to get away.

"Well I have to say, I'm impressed but the real game is just beginning .........." She jleaps forward. Then she reaches for her pocket to get out a cylinder shaped object no bigger than the size of a pen in length.

"Oh now what, you are going to defeat me with that little stick thingy. I really thought you said this was not going to be children's play," he chuckled.

Her ears turn red, you dare make fun of me?! C42! Just wait till you see!

She grabs the cylinder shaped object but stops, it would be pointless to make a move now. She needs to defend before she attacks. Right now I need a strategy.

John lifts up the gun and starts shooting. C42 slowly moves backwards and every pace she takes, dozens of bullets slam against the shield creating small sparks of fire.

That's it, he just has to keep on shooting until his soon he runs out of bullets.

But the problem is she doesn't know how long can this bulletproof shield block her, it might just crack anytime.

"Everyone protect C42, his security is our main priority here!" Yutaka Takuna shouts.

It's she, I am a girl! , she thinks. But she doesn't bother telling that to them now.

Masahiro grabs another shield and throws it to C42 and she quickly swaps it with the old one. Kiyoshi Shigeru runs to the door but the automatic ID system is blocked, it won't open. As Nakato has said before this room is sound proof, nobody has any idea what is going on inside.

John throws his knife at Hirito Kenta. Hirito gets his gun out but the knife flies it away from his hand. Another sound of a bullet and he is dead.

There is only 5 of us remaining including me...........

She gets the cylinder shaped object out again and press the red button on top. A shiny blade starts coming out slowly. She smiles, this is her favorite weapon. A portable sword! How amazing is it to carry around a sword everywhere without people even knowing it's a sword.

That's it! He really pushed it to the limit. I'm going to end this it right now.

She swings it around in the air for a while and then runs towards him with her sword. "Aaaagh! I will finish your right here!"


"What's going on?" Kiyoshi asks.

"Hphmph, that's probably Yamato. Well there is no point coming now but at least the door can be unlocked." She say in an aloof manner studying John's ID card. As I thought his real name is Nicholas Brown, he is 28 years old and is indeed a black Python member.

Masahiro points to John or Nicholas his real name, "what are we going to do with him?"

"Well aagh.. I believe-", she walks towards Nicholas. He's all tied up in the corner with a big scar on his head. "I believe he'd be useful to this investigation. According to this card," she holds his Black Python identity card. "According to this card he is one of the core members of Black Python, if we keep him alive we can force out a lot of information about the organisation."

"Yes understood."

Before she can say anything the door slams open. Although he is all covered up like her, standing there she knows is Yamato.

"Sorry it took us a while, but we received your emergency alert."

"Thank you for coming." she says smiling.

The other guards rush in and take away the body of Chief Nakato, Miss Tomomi and Hirito Kenta. There is blood everywhere. Kiyoshi runs to Nakato, the guards try to stop him but all he shouts now is "Chief!"

Should I be sad? Nah, I am used to these things, like I said before I am used to a lot of things.

"That Kiyoshi boy has a soft heart," Yutaka says softly

She turns to the rest of the task force team, "We will meet again to discuss this case. Farewell for now."

"Yes, we will meet again"

"Have a safe trip home"

"Thank you." she says and follows Yamato out on to the building roof. Unlike when the meeting started, the sky has cleared out now and a crescent moon popped up between the layers of the clouds. She jumps into the helicopter and as it flies up she can see the three ambulances heading away. As they fade away in distant she wonders, isn't death so strange. You are here one moment doing your normal everyday things having no idea you'd be gone the next moment.

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