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It been over a year that I saw him and I remember what the last text I send him. It said 'I cant do it no more, have a good 2017 bye" And ever since then I haven't seen him. Which sucks because I miss him still. I thought I would be over him already, I kind of I am. But it hard. What I miss the most of him is that he was always there for me. I remember him saying 'everything will be okay" and that helps me a lot threw my days. I miss his phone calls, always trying to make laugh. One day at work, he got me food without me ask him. He was so nice. I been single ever since, I mean yes I been on dates but I cant find nobody else that can beat his kindness, his smile, his charm. I loved everything about him even his flaws. Right now I would like him to hug and never let me go.