I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I'm not afraid to look behind them. - Elizabeth Taylor

Get that Bikini body.
□ Take a picture everyday of summer.
□ Create an epic summer playlist.
□ Watch a sunset & a sunrise.
□ Go Summer shopping with friends.
□ Get really tanned.
□ Finish 3 books.
□ Kayak with friends.
□ Camp in a backyard.
□ Pull an all-nigther.
□ Go to the beach.
□ Redecorate my bedroom.
□ Go ding-dong ditching.
□ Get a sun-tattoo.
□ Go on a bike ride.
□ Get hooked on a new T.V show.
□ Go cliff jumping.
□ Shop for swimwear.
□ Explore an abandoned building.
□ Go to capital city with friends.
□ Visit a new city.
□ Make s'mores.
□ tie-dye a shit.
□ Find secret spot with friends.

Alright love ya boss babes, mwah x