It has taken me YEARS to find myself, to find inner peace with myself. You know what? that is perfectly OKAY, you're not supposed to find yourself just like that.
It's supposed to take you a while, you know why? It's because you're still growing as a person.

At points in your life, to help the growing process in finding yourself you sometimes have to drop people in your life.
Whether it's a friend boyfriend/girlfriend, people who are bringing you down. They are no good, they are negative and they find ways to manipulate you.

I've been down that road many times in my life, my friends weren't my friends. They were never there for me, they weren't supportive of me instead often got jealous of my accomplishments.
So i just completely cut them from my life, and honestly I am so happy. Of course my ex played the biggest role in all of this. He was manipulative, selfish, arrogant, and just a negative person.
4 years off an on with him and each time we got back together I thought he had changed. He didn't.
So I ended things with him for the very last time. It felt so good, I was free from all negative vibes, I can be my own person again.

Here are some tips to help you find yourself

  • Don't worry about what others say about you
  • Wear whatever the hell you want
  • Nobody owns you!
  • Let go of negative people
  • Perfect doesn't exist
  • Accept yourself above anyone else
  • Give yourself "me" time
  • Focus on your OWN happiness
  • Don't be so hard on yourself, you're human, you're trying, and you're absolutely wonderful!

Vanquish anything or anyone that makes you question why you are here. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life!

When you find yourself you can truly feel it, its a sense of relief and the way you think about yourself will change.
You will feel yourself becoming more confident, set more goals and achieve them, do things that you always wanted to do.
You will rock everything and deep down you will feel it and know it.

Self love is the most important thing. Look at yourself and repeat in the mirror "I AM good enough," "I AM beautiful."
Don't let people drag you down, don't give them the satisfaction of winning. You're all beautiful and all deserve the world.


_If you need someone to talk to DM me on here or my Instagram @feliciareneex I will always be here for those who need to talk!_