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I remember clearly that one time i had to explain to my mother what feminist meant, truly meant.

"It's the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, it's not that women are better than men, it's that we are all the same" I patiently explained.

She just nodded, telling me she didn't quite understand the purpose of the cause.

My face went blank.

You see i am a proud feminist. I love everything about it and i personally think feminism needs to be something bigger, because feminist benefits us all. In fact, i think the term needs to be eliminated and just simply become part of our daily lives.

Because yes, women can do absolutely everything men can do. And men can also do everything women can do (ex: be feminine, wear makeup, cry, etc)

It's all about equality.

So it was a shock to me when she just laughed.

I asked her why was she laughed, she simply responded "You kids take everything so personally, you are so intense about it".

So i asked her if she believed in feminism.

She said "Feminism has always been there sweetie, it's nothing new".

Oh yeah?

Where was feminism when i felt sexualized by my classmates and older men? Where was feminism when i was slut shamed for wearing a short skirt? Where was feminism when i was raised to see my fellow girlfriends as competitors, and not as equals? Where was feminism when my guy best friend wanted to cry so bad but felt like he couldn't or when he wanted to wear pink? Where was feminism when my opinion was not taken seriously because i was a girl and i was classified as "bossy"?

Where was feminism when they told me to "dress to impress"? Where was feminism when they told me i was ugly without makeup, but it's perfectly fine for boys to not wear it? Where was feminism when i felt like my body was not mine, but everyone else's? Where was feminism when i couldn't act a certain way because "it's not lady-like"and "i looked like a boy"?

Where is feminism now when rape victims are to blame because "they were being provocative"? Where is feminism now when the only industry that women earns more money than men is the porn industry? Where is feminism now when we still don't seem to have the rights over our own bodies? Where is feminism now when women are still getting less opportunities than men and some are still afraid to speak up?

The fact that older generations are still not aware of all the unfortunate situations that are occurring nowadays scares me.

The fact that when us, younger generations, try to speak up against them and are taken as a joke scares me more.

The fact that my mother, as a women, doesn't believe in women rights (that are basically fundamental human rights btw) makes me incredibly sad, because it shows me the way she was raised and how fucked up society has been through the years.

It's time to change all that, women are so much more than hot bodies. Women are so much more than human beings that can cook and do the laundry. Women are so much more than unrealistic beauty standards.

Women are powerful and it's time for the world to know that.

Happy March 8th, also known as International Women's Day to all the strong, beautiful people reading this article and thank you for taking your time to read it.

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