hey sweets, it's al-ain! here are some wonderful artists that i absolutely adore and are beyond talented and deserve more love and recognition ♡


boys, hot guys, and cute boys image bazzi, andrew bazzi, and boy image

let's all take a moment and just take in this precious person. look at those eyes!!! i discovered bazzi late 2016 when i was lookin for new music. he definitely is getting more recognition now and i am so happy.

recommended songs: sober, beautiful


absolutely amazing artist!! i discovered him back in december of 2016

recommended songs: start a fire, crossfire


lauv image lauv image

my bby, he's growing more and more and i am here for that. i was supposed to go to his concert last month but it was all sold :(

recommended songs: breathe, the other, the story never ends

jeremy zucker

jeremy, music, and zucker image

the lyrics to his songs are just ♡ hits you right in the feels.

recommended songs: end, weakness, flying kites

peach pit

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i discovered them sometime last year and wow what an amazing band.

recommended songs: peach pit, sweet f.a


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ah my babies. i started listening to them december of 2015 and lemme just say they are just so amazing and i love that people are starting to listen to them more and more. def a fav of mine.

recommended songs: someone else, ilysb (stripped), current location, quit, pink skies, hurricane, literally just listen to all their albums i love them sm

snoh aalegra

her voice is just soooo smooth and wow 10/10

black, cyber, and ghetto image album, influence, and music image

recommended songs: fool for you, nothing burns like the cold, time

sabrina claudio
a goddess

sabrina claudio and dress image beauty, dress, and model image

recommended song: i don't, orion's belt

daniel caesar

daniel caesar, daniel, and music image blue, daniel, and white image

another fav. i can't even explain the chill i get when he sings. his voice is just so smooth wow.

recommended songs: death and taxes, get you, take me away, japanese denim, get you. honestly just listen to his songs you won't regret it.

these are just some of the many underrated artists that deserve so much more recognition. ah they're all soooo beyond talented.

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