Hi, guys! Hope you’re having a really good day!

Day 24: Best memory of this last year.

When I read this my mind went directly to the date of May 20, 2017. The date I went to the concert of my favourite singer in the whole world, Ed Sheeran.

That day was the best day of my life, not only because it was the first time I went to a concert but also because* I went with my best friend*.

You can’t imagine how much I wanted to hear his songs live, to see him playing his guitar a few meters away, it was an experience that I will never forget, EVER. I enjoyed it so much, I was so fucking happy those few hours there.

Seeing him and listening to him live was one of my dreams to fulfil, and with an enormous effort I could achieve it. You can’t imagine how many tears I spilled when I bought the ticket, when I was in the stadium, when I saw him enter in the stage and of course, when Ed sings my favourite songs, which by the way, weren’t on the list of songs for that day according to him .

I love Ed so much, because listen to his voice relaxes me; his songs reach my soul because there are some of them that identify me so much.

Without a doubt, for me, the best memory I have of last year was this one. And I would like to go back in time and relive this wonderful moment. With a little luck maybe next time he comes to Argentina, I will see him again...

I hope I haven't boring you guys, see you tomorrow with day 25!

Have a nice day

Lots of love,