My top three pet peeves

Day 4 (30 day writing challenge)

Hello! I have to say that today I almost forgot about this but I remembered it at the right time so here I am.
I am a person that tends to get annoyed easily, everything makes me feel annoyed. I, trying to change that tho.
So here they're:

1: Funny people

Before you misunderstood everything I'll try you that persons trying to be the "funny" ones really get me so annoyed, it's like they really try so so hard to be funny and they just end up messing around and stressing me.

annoyed, people, and rihanna image

2: More people

I get annoyed when someone tries to pretend he's so cool and he's very rich and that he can do everything he wants, it's like oh damn, I already know who you're and believe me you're not like you seem, I don't know I'm really very annoyed.

annoyed, people, and stfu image

3: When someone tries to make me feel dumb or bad

I really have a little issue with people but at the same time I really like talking just give me time to end up my growing up thing and to organize my ideas.
This really makes me sooooooooo annoyed because at the same time they try to make fun of it and ITS NOT FUNNY.

funny and human image

T H A N KS // F O R // R E A D I N G

I know xd practically this article was bullshit, feel free to think it, agh, I'm really really sorry I'm just too tired and I can't think about what really annoys me.

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