So, this is my first article on WHI and I wanted to talk about some stuff on my mind lately so lets go!

I'm Trying

So recently I was told that I give off the impression I sleep around simply from how I look. I am in high school which I know means judgmental hell, but why is it that we make assumptions about people for how they look.

In my school most girls will always have a t-shirt and leggings on (sporty looks are huge at my high school) and will have little to no makeup. I find nothing wrong with this, you do you as I always say. I enjoy taking the time to plan out a full outfit and doing a full face of makeup and hair though. I do this to say I achieve something that day if I have done nothing else. This is especially great when I have long bad days because I can at least say I took the time I wanted to look how I wanted.

So my question is how does that correspond to me sleeping around (my largest fear is intimacy, I'll discuss in an article soon). I'm just trying to live my life so why does it feel like I need to try to impress people I won't talk to again?

I want everyone to know who reads this that no matter how you dress, look, do, say whatever you are gorgeous and you do not deserve to be told or treated otherwise.

You Are Gorgeous