Yessss!! This makes me so excited!

Challenge #1: The Winter Soldier or Loki?

bucky, captain america, and gif image
sorry Lokes, but I gotta go with my baby Bucky <3

Challenge #2: Batman or Superman?

batman, cartoon, and cinema image
Brucey my baby!!!

Challenge #3: Joker or Loki

batman, dc comics, and comic image
my puddin' <3

Challenge #4: Joker or Bane?

batman, clap, and cool image
sorry, HASbane (get the joker reference?)

Challenge #5: Loki or Hela?

actor, thor, and ragnarok image
loki obvi <3

Challenge #6: Deadpool or The Winter Soldier?

sebastian stan image
sorry, deadie </3

Challenge #6: Groot or Korg?

groot, baymax, and cute image
groot bc he's just too cute!

Challenge #7: Star-Lord or Wolverine?

hugh jackman and wolverine image
logan, because not only is he very attractive, but because he's just a badass

Challenge #8: Black Panther or Catwoman?

batman, catwoman, and kiss image
here, kitty, kitty, kitty...

Challenge #9: Jane Foster or Peggy Carter?

peggy carter image
pegs, my love <3

Challenge #10: Stark Tower or The Bat Cave?

batman, bruce wayne, and Gotham image
the bat cave <3