we all want that flawless look when glamming up. But sometimes the products aren't the best or even don't work for your skin type.
so, Here are some products that will work for you!

In this Article, I will be going over Foundations, Concealers, and primers

These products range from high end to drugstore and all prices will be mentioned!


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Normal Skin:

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation
price: £42
amount: 30ml
Giorgio Armani is a well-known brand so of course, it's going to be more on the expensive side. With this foundation, it covers pores and hides blemishes extremely well and it comes in 3 formulas, sheer, medium and full ( I suggest getting full if you wish to have the doll-like complexion) It is a buildable foundation and it doesn't become cakey, I've used this product and I've checked reviews on it and they all agree that its good for normal skin types and does not leave a heavy feel.

Clinique Even Better Makeup
price: $21.99
amount: 30ml
Clinique is a borderline high-end product but still quite cheap considering the quality of the product, Clinique is also another product I've used so trust me when I say Its FULL coverage. This product isn't really for those who like a 'natural look' but applied thinly it may give you a sheer/medium look. This foundation also classes as a skin care as it has ingredients within it that even out your skin tone and reduces age 'spots'. With having quite dark eyelids this product definitely brings my skin to one shade make it even throughout. This product does not have a heavy feel but does 'lighten up' when it's dried.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation
price: £5.95
amount: 30ml
The Ordinary foundation is the holy grail when it comes to drugstore products, the product is light but very full coverage and a little really goes a LONG way. It gives a natural finish and it makes your skin look glowy and healthy. When using this product I noticed the product was very creamy in the consistency which made it very light. Honestly, I prefer this more than my Giorgio and Clinique.

Oily skin:

Estee Lauder double wear stay-in-place foundation
amount: £33.50
Another high-end product for this list, I noticed when applying (On family member whose skin is oily) that it immediately reduces redness but it did appear cakey when applied for the second time so I recommend when using this product to NOT double layer it or your makeup will feel heavy and will look packed on. She mentioned that it does not move when applying other products such as concealer and bronzer. I'd recommend powdering every 3-4hours around the nose area as it does tend to become a little shiny but that's not a major problem.

L'oreal Paris infallible matte foundation
price: £8
amount: 30ml
I don't have really much to stay about this product, it blended nicely and had a good finish to it but I did notice its more yellow toned which may not look okay on others unless mixed with the lightest shade that is more pinky toned. Its a very light coverage and can be buildable without it becoming cakey.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte/Poreless Foundation
amount: 30ml
Unfortunately, this is the one product I couldn't get my hands on but after watching MANY reviews by beauty vloggers (nikkietutorials, Tati etc) its been deemed a holy grail. It has a smooth finish and leaves the skin matte and flawless, it has a light feeling to it. From what I've seen you do not need a lot of product to cover the entire face and it blends out easily.

Dry Skin:

MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend Foundation
price: £27
amount: 50ml
Makeup forever is quite a good brand I've bought this foundation before and its good for dry and normal skin. it's very hydrating as 80% of the formula is purified water mixed in with vitamin b5 and it gives a dewy finish (like the packaging claims) it is buildable but does show your pores a little but that's nothing a bit of concealer can't fix.

Nars sheer glow foundation
price: £32
amount: 30ml
This foundation is more for those who like a sheer look to them, its quite watery but blends out beautifully. This foundation does not apply well with a brush so I suggest a beauty blender but if worked into the skin well enough, by all means, use a brush.
a little goes a long way but note ALWAYS get a shade darker than your colour match. where the product is quite a thin it does leave a dewy effect but can be easily blended out with another layer.

Revlon - ColorStay Foundation
price: £7.95
amount: 30ml
Again, I have no complaints with this foundation, its lightweight and has a sheer- medium coverage with which I'm okay with. It does show your pores after 4-5hours after its applied. It gives a flawless finish and has a very natural look perfect for 'toned down' looks. It blended into my skin nicely and left a matte feel once it dried. The product doesn't move when concealer or bronzer are applied and it feels hydrating.

Combination skin

Clinique Superbalanced Silk Make-up
price: £23
amount: 30ml
when applying it had a wet feel to it that dried into a matte finish, it is a FULL coverage foundation and doesn't need any touch-ups or powdering. A white highlighter really matches the tone of this foundation and makes it pop even more. I noticed whilst wearing it that my skin feels hydrated and soft which I loved, It lasts so long! I went out for a full 12 hours and I didn't need to touch-up at all nor did it move when other products were applied. This is currently my go-to foundation and I don't think anything will be taking over its spot for a while.

L’Oréal True Match Foundation
price: £10
This foundation is medium to full coverage, it does feel quite heavy but it makes up for it in the pigment. I noticed whilst wearing it that you do need a touch up every 3-4 hours around the nose area as it does break down a little. It does oxidise which means you might want to buy a shade lighter, It does cake up a little if you use too much product. I like the product for a drugstore brand it does well.


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Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
Price: £25
amount: 2.5ml
Not a lot of product in this one but a little goes a long way, with this product it gets rid of dark circles, blemishes that are still visible or redness around your eyelids. I sometimes use this as an eyelid base as the texture is so smooth and it brightens the darkness of the inner corner and lash line. If you're going to buy this product I suggest watching Wayne goss as he demonstrates how to properly use this concealer.

Bourjois' Radiance Reveal concealer
amount: 7.8ml
Bourjois is such a good brand I've been using their concealer for almost 2-3months now and I love it. It applies smoothly onto the face as well as not disturbing other products, it is full coverage and has high pigment which means again a little goes a long way. It definitely has a brightening effect as well as a flawless finish.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer.
price: £19
Who doesn't love urban decay? their palettes are to die for so it's no surprise that their concealers are bomb too. Despite not having a lot of product for the price it's still a worthy product, with its matte finish and brightening effect it's clearly one of the best within the market. its lightweight and its texture are smooth almost buttery definitely needs to be in your makeup bag.

shape tape contour concealer
price: £22
Are you even surprised by this one? Of course, tarte shape tape was appearing on this list. With is smoothy texture and easy application it's one of the most popular ones out there, tarte has a lot of product for the price so you do get your money's worth. its full coverage and has an illuminating effect on the skin, I even wear this with no foundation as it's THAT good.


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Benefit's POREfessional
price: 26.50
amount: 22ml
The product does what it claims! it reduces the appearance of pores and leaves your face with a smooth finish, it dries to a very silky texture but it also allows your skin to breathe.

L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer
price: £6.66
amount: 20ml
This product does come out quite shimmery which isn't a bad thing but if you plan to go out without any makeup on and only primer to brighten your skin it may make you look a little oily but besides from that its a great product, it's smooth it has a nice faint fragrance to it. Its one of the better drugstore products out there.

Dior's Skinflash primer
amount: 70ml
High price but totally worth it. Dior's Skinflash primer boosts, plumps and brightens the complexion, providing the perfect canvas for foundation. it helps foundation apply smoother and helps minimize pores and wrinkles. it's antiaging too which is a bonus. I use this one a day to day bases as the formula is so refreshing and nourishing definitely one of my favourite products.

Also got another little tip for you all! rosewater and cucumber water do wonders as primers or general skin care products if you wish to have a more natural product then I suggest buying those. They also make a good setting spray

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