Hello everybody, my dearest followers
Welcome back .... in this article i'm going to show a battle between my ultimate bias ヽ(°〇°)ノ

WARNING: I have to put this because my UB (ultimate bias) were a couple and many of their respective fans hate the other one. I'm SONE and EXO-L so please respect my opinion and love me and this article, because i love you so much my readers. (´• ω •`) ♡

GO GO GO ...

Ladies and Gentleman .... let me introduce my ULTIMATE BIAS forever...

Ladies first: The most beautiful women in the world, amizing voice and is cute and dorky.

snsd, taeyeon, and kpop image

Now representing men: the sexy babyboy, dorky af, rectangular smile, amazing voice, cute af.

Chen, exo, and gif image

I have to calm down... my heart can't with them


  • Who would you date and why?

OK, i can't choose so i'm going to expose reasons why we should date them. (>ω^)


exo, gg, and kpop image snsd and taeyeon image Image removed exo, baekhyun, and kpop image
Gorgeous AF
taeyeon image adorable, asian, and beautiful image exo, baekhyun, and byun baekhyun image exo, baekhyun, and baek image
So cute
gif, taeyeon, and kpop image
exo, lotto, and exordium image
Also sexy (^^)♡
taeyeon, snsd, and kpop image gif, taeyeon, and cute image exo, baekhyun, and kpop image bacon, exo, and byun baekhyun image
Cute Dorky (I love them so much)

Very Talented:

Temporarily removed snsd, taeyeon, and girls generation image baby, fan, and gg image japan, painting, and taeyeon image
Nail Art, Sing, Baking, Coloring, Painting, self dye and make up.
exo, handsome, and singing image aesthetic, beautiful, and the war image baekhyun, exo, and kpop image baekhyun, exo, and moon lovers image
Sing, flexible, piano, acting.

I'll date Taeyeon ..... ♡ ( ̄З ̄)

  • If you could only save one from falling off a cliff, who would you pick and why ?

Don't do this to me, If it were the case ..... ahhhh i can't choose they are my loves, but if they make me choose .....
Ok ok let's be objective, my first bias is Taeyeon and i've been with her for years...
i think Taeyeon.

gif, snsd, and Sunny image

When Taeyeon is safe and it's too late to Baekhyun, i'm jump off to die with him.

  • Would you rather lose your memory of Bias #1 (Taeyeon) or Bias #2 (Baekhyun) ?

Ok, this is worst (¬_¬;) , i just can't i prefer die before lose all my memories of them. #DRAMAQUEEN X2

But i have to choose after all....
Ok the victim now is Taeyeon sorry my babe (>_<~)

I choose Baekhyun because the memories with him i don't know why make me more happy.

asian, Chen, and fanart image
  • They both have a concert on the same day and they want you there to support them. Who do you see.?

You touch my feels and my dreams. I always want to assist a Girls' Generation concert it's like my goal, but it's also an EXO concert.

concert, exo, and exordium image
gif, snsd, and gifs image

I am going to... Girls' Generation sorry but since i start in kpop that was my goal.

gif, snsd, and girls' generation image
  • If both proposed to you, who would you say yes to ?

OK, do you know the game called "F*ck, Marry or kill" i'm going to do this but just with "F*ck" and "Marry".

Well, i choose Taeyeon to F*ck (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) and Baekhyun to marry, i want to stay with him forever.

gif, snsd, and k-pop image
mmmhhh 7w7
asian, exo, and gif image
My love

This is the most difficult challenge.
I hope you enjoy it.

With Love,