Hello! Today I am doing the 4th day of the challenge. Today’s topic is making a list of things I couldn’t live without. I’m just going to make a list and a short description, not like the last one where I wrote like a whole paragraph. Hey, if you haven’t done this challenge go for it. It’s really fun and challenges your mind and improves your writing skills. At the very end I will link my collection of articles for the challenge. Make sure you check it out so you know what’s happening! Let’s get started!

Thing I Couldn’t Live Without:

  • Family
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My family has taught me so much and loved me so much.
  • Friends
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My friends have helped me through all the hard times when I couldn’t do it.
  • Food
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Food is life.
  • Water
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We all need water!
  • Books
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All I every needed.
  • Education
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I think it is a need, and will help you succeed later on.
  • Teachers
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They are like planting seeds in your brain, except it is more like knowledge.
  • Strangers
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They may become your bestie someday. They give you a chance to become their friend.
  • Opportunities
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They are very important throughout life.

Alright guys, that’s all for today! These are the things I can’t live without. Below is a link to my collection of all the articles for the 15 day writing challenge so far. Be looking forward to the next articles!

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Amanda Webster
Amanda Webster
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