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hey hey hey! this is my first article, and nobody's going to read this, but I'm going to make it anyways! I am going to list 5 songs, and the meaning behind them, and or why I love them! here we go!!

song one -
hot mess - GIRLI
oh god, where do I start with this one! I love this song. its basically about a girl that acts tomboy-ish, and is snapping back at her haters. some lyrics are, '' I don't care what they say! they say I'm a hot mess!'', ''I'm so stupid, someone tells me. how the world works, I'm a female, you see.'' ''she'd look better if she brushed her hair every once and awhile.'' and honestly, its upbeat, but her voice can send me to sleep.

song two -
headphones - WALK THE MOON
you may be like, ''aren't those the guys that wrote shut up and dance? well, youre right. they have an album called ''what if nothing'' and its the perfect album for spring/summer.
this song is about a dude living his life. though things happen to him, he keeps telling himself, '' I can take a beating like a good pair of headphones, I can stand the test of time like harrison ford.''

song three -
diane - cam
this song is about a girl who has cheated on a man who is married. the song is their relationship, and her reflecting back on it.
a few lyrics are, ''Diane, I promise I didn't know he was your man. I would've noticed a gold wedding band, Diane. id rather you hate me then not understand. oh, diane!''

song four -
FEAR. - kendrick lamar
this song is about someones though life in the hood. ''why god, why god to I gotta suffer. there is no world when you burn this mofu*ker.'' '' I beat yo ass. who bought that? you stole it.'' ''your teacher been bi*ching about you in class''. '' I heard about you humping on keisha's daughter.'' '' I probably died because these colors are standing out.'' when I first heard this song, I cried. that's what I do when I hear most kendrick lamar songs.

song five -
hymn for the weekend - coldplay x beyonce
I SAVED THE BEST SONG FOR LAST. I MEAN, YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH A COLDPLAY X BEYONCE SONG. I first heard this song in a fancy watch shop, when I was about 9. I shazamed the song, and listened to it on repeat for the rest of the day. I loved it! when I closed my eyes, it felt like I was laying on the beach in Cancun. I sang it nonstop, and even made an mv for it, which we are NOT going to talk about, lmao. '' I said drink for me, drink for me when I was so thirsty. pour on a symphony when the low get, low get, low get, low, get high!''

that's all the songs!!! if this gets enough hearts I will make a part 2. you can find all of these songs on Spotify, and iTunes!