Ayo wassup! I saw this going around and was inspired by


Let's go!

A: Age


B: Biggest Fear


C: Current TIme

6:28 p.m.

D: Drink You Last Drank


E: Each Day Starts With


F: Favorite Music

R&B, Kpop, Gospel mostly but I love so many different types of music.

G: Grossest Memory

Ummm idk

H: Hometown

Nashville, TN

I: In Love With

Music, beauty, words, fashion and myself (in a healthy way) Cypher Pt 4 plays in the background

J: Jealous

Of people who have naturally clear skin. But I try not to be so jealous

K: Killed Someone

Just stereotypes, closed-mindedness, and ugly outfits

L: Last Time You Cried

Two days ago: I had a panic attack but it's ok I'm good now.

M: Middle Name


N: Number of siblings

Two: one brother, one sister

O: One Wish

That everyone in the world would know Jesus and find peace

P: Person You Last Called

I never really call people lol, but the last person I texted was my Dad

Q: Question You're Always Asked

"How do you stay so thin?? Usually accompanied by some old lady holding my waist *rolls eyes*

R: Reasons to Smile

Music, family, friends, fast Wi-Fi, painting my nails, YouTubers, new clothes and shoes

S: Song You Last Sang

EXO's Baby Don't Cry

T: Time You Wake Up


U: Unpopular Opinion

Slides are ugly

V: Vacation Places

I love going to Chicago and Atlanta also Cozumel was fun. I really want to go to Paris, Santorini, Seoul, and Tokyo.

W: Worst Habit


X: X-Rays You've Had

I had an MRI once

Y: Your Favorite Food

Sushi, Pizza, Burgers, Kimchi, All desserts

Z: Zodiac Sign

Supposedly Capricorn but it doesn't describe me at all.

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