This isn't all the products I have LOL , but today I'm going to show you my best body care products.

1.Top left, Neutrogena Oil Free Acne wash Cream Cleanser
This stuff is good..but if skin irritation or dryness occur then you'll have to stop using it ..i guess :P

2.Bottom left, OGX damage remedy+coconut miracle oil Shampoo
dont use this everyday

3.Middle black bottle, TRESemme hairspray.This hairspray keeps your hair style in place.I sometimes use it as a detangler. Dont spray so close to your hair or else your hair will dry up.

4.Clear bottle, this is an OGX coconut oil, I like to use this weekly so I dont make my hair oily

5.Last but not least, but the most common, Secret dedorant...use it kids..

*I will update on another article soon. Thank you to those who followed me ..that means a lot <3 PEACE!!