Hello again, today's day 2 of the “30 Day Writing Challenge.” Here’s a list of five things that make me happy.

Number 1: Books

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Curling up with a good book and a soft blanket after a long day is so relaxing. I’m able to travel to a new dimension and live someone else’s life for a bit. Although sometimes I get too attached to the books to the point where I’ll get upset or cry. For me, books are an escape from reality.

Number 2: Animals

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I love all types of animals. For dogs, the corgi has to be my favorite. One day I want two and they’ll be named Hades and Persephone. Another animal that I love is Llamas. I think it would be amazing to own one, and I’d probably have to name it Carl (thumbs up for those who get the reference).

Number 3: Learning

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I don’t like school (cause people are annoying) but I absolutely love learning. I plan on being a psychologist one day. In my free time, I’ll research random things that fascinate me, and one of those is the human brain and how we work.

Number 4: Video Games

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I’m a huge gamer, both on PC and console (Xbox). I'm addicted to CSGO even though suck. I play games like Assassin's Creed, Fallout, COD, I love survival based games. Also one of my all-time favorite games is Life is Strange, I highly recommend checking it out.

Number 5: My Best Friend

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I actually met him through video games, and we’ve yet to meet in person. One of the strange things about us is that were born on the same day and we’re basically twins. He’s the only person who can make me laugh to the point where I can’t breathe and he does a great job at handling my anxiety. I don’t know where I’d be without him and we have plans to meet on our next birthday (December 21).

Thank you guys so much for clicking on this article, I appreciate it <3
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