Hi Everyone,

I thought of this idea ages ago back in January but never got around to doing it until now.
I am someone who suffers from travel sickness in a car. I don't really get it from flying, traveling on a train, boat or whatever. Mainly just long car trips.
So these are the tips that I use for traveling in the car or I have heard of, they may work for other forms of transportation but I'm not too sure.

1) Take travel sickness pills. I don't do this personally but I know people who do if they get severe travel sickness.

2) Eat. Eat proper meals at the right times. Have snacks like fruit and scroggin. Do not overindulge in the chocolate, lollies, and chips. Although, I have found have an ice block can help a lot. You may not feel like you want to eat but having an empty stomach will make you feel worse. Also, make sure to stop somewhere for lunch for a change of scenery, a stretch, walk and obviously food. Even having a little picnic somewhere.

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3) Stay hydrated. This is key. Have a cold bottle of water with you and try to keep it cold. Warm water isn't the best.

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4) Wear comfy clothes and nothing that will keep you too hot or too cold. I either choose leggings with a t-shirt and a hoody or if it's in the summer shorts, t-shirt, and a cardigan or lighter hoody.

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5) Get fresh air. If it's a really long road trip or your on a time limit you probably don't want to be stopping all the time but you need to get out of the car to stretch and get fresh air at least 3 times. Also, go to the toilet even if you don't need to because you never know when your next stop will be or there's some sort of delay.

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6) Position in the car: Try and sit in the front. I never get sick sitting in the front. When I'm in the back I feel squished and claustrophobic. If you can't sit in the front the whole time, you could always just do it for the parts through windy hills or for a few hours then switch back. If you can't sit in the front sit in the middle seat where you can see the road. Watch the part of the road that's 'moving' less because if you look at any part of the scenery that is rushing past when you look at something still it will make you feel dizzy, therefore look at anything outside that's still. Never sit in the back boot part of the car, that's the worst place you can sit.

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7) Keep your head up and sit up properly. Don't try and read or play on your phone. This may bore you to death but it helps.

8) Listen to music and concentrate on the lyrics. Sing or lip sync if you want. It helps me take my mind off it. When you stop thinking about getting car sick you'll feel a little better.

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9) Play a game. We usually play eye spy or something like that.

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10) Try to sleep. I don't usually do this because once I'm up I'm awake but it's something that might work for you.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you found it helpful.