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my style is heavily influenced by street styles from different cities like seoul, nyc, london, berlin and stockholm


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my biggest passions in life are music, art, and activism.


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i think i'm smarter than everyone else (i am), i have a very nihilistic attitude towards life and an incredibly addictive personality.


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all though it doesn't really show in my style, i'm a big fan of primary colours


aesthetic aesthetic
i luvluvluv cats and bunnies! my rabbit's name is claude!


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all types of fruites, berries and veggies!

tv shows

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some of my favourite tv shows; friends, parks&rec, elementary and bones!


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movies i'll never get bored of; kill your darlings, trainspotting, känn ingen sorg (swedish movie), and a game of shadows!


liam gallagher hakan amine beatles
ohhh music is my whole life soo this q was quite hard, but here are some of my faves; oasis, håkan hellström (swedish artist), aminé, and the beatles<33