among the tall thin grass she lay, opening her eyes to see the light above through disappearing clouds. slowly she began to rise in view of the mountains surrounded in the distance. her golden hair blew softly in the breeze as her eyes grew curious. if it was a dream, she couldn't remember falling to sleep. if it was a result of her being unhappy, she couldn't remember running away.

"rose," said a voice in distraught. "rose, rose!"

through the hidden grass she heard someone calling her name as a darkness grew over the land. in a swarm of tears she returned to a current state of reality.

"rose, where are you?" inquired her classmate cole on the desk beside her. "everything alright?"

"yes, why wouldn't i be?"
"you seemed to have blacked out."
"i see, guess i'm not so interested in the subject."
"well, finals are at the end of the week, guess you missed it."
"you look tired, would you like me to take you home? i know you like to walk."
"you're sweet, but no, i'm fine."

rose enjoyed being alone, though how lonely she felt often triggered her emotions therefore leaving her in a state of uncertainty and despair. she had a fear of humans and their twisted behaviors. but living in such a mad perspective often caused a lack of sleep at night. often she was full of tears, gripping the sheets just to feel closer to something.

then she remembered her dream. it was beyond the strangest reality but the farthest from a nightmare. never did she breathe in such clean air, never did she recognize such foreign grounds.

"cole," she whispered in class one day, "do you think i'm crazy?"
"no, but you are a bit strange," he responded, tilting his head.
"would you like to take me home?"
"sure, i will."

an awkward silence occurred while on the road to roses's apartment, until cole decided to break away the tension.

"let me buy you a beer and a hamburger?" he started to intrigue her.
"please," she remarked with the brightest smile.

in the restaurant an ease began to grow over them which was comforting to rose, since the presence was an opportunity since it never seemed to last. in her life there was suddenly color for the first time since her father took her out to sea.

"what is your dad like?" cole asked.
"reserved, quiet but such good man." she silenced herself. "the last i saw him was when i was thirteen years old. i've been sad since as long as i can remember, that was just something that happened to let me know i'm not meant to be like my other classmates in school, motivated and happy. what about you?"

"i'm sorry about your dad rose," cole explained, "i can't say i haven't lived a normal life so far. i can't imagine how you feel."

"trust me," she remarked, "i don't either."
"can i suggest you talk to someone?"
"why should i?" rose inquired raising an eyebrow. "there's really nothing wrong with me, really there is nothing."

to be continued

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