Hi guys!
Before any things, I decided to make you an article a week. Indeed, I like writing my articles and I see that I receive, all the same, many of hearts from the blow I told to me « why not to continue and to make them an article a week!? »
So now, be held ready to have an article a week!
And if you wish that I make an article on a subject in particular, do not hesitate to send me a message to say it to myself!

Sooooo, today's article will not speak about fashion, beauty, instagram, nor of all these things but will speak about self-confidence, because indeed, too many people in the world are not self-confident and its concerns too much other people's opinion!
Thus today, I am going to give you all my small advice which will make for you, I hope, manage to trust you, even just a little although I know it, the self-confidence does not arrive in a snap of a finger.
But I promises you that when you trust you, everything is much better!

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●Don't ever let any body tell you that you're hopeless or that you will not arrive there!

Nobody has the right to judge you. Trust in you. Believe in you and your capacities. If you think that you can arrive there then try! We say it too often, that nothing ventured, nothing gained.

●Be yourself !

To be yourself is the best advice that I can give you. It involves that you have to be as you feel comfortable, you must be comfortable with yourself! You have to assert yourself as you are really

●Don't try to look like somebody others !

I know it, it is little to complicate. When we stay all the time with the same people we take very fast their habit and those, without being aware of it. But one moderate. Try to report you that sometimes you can go too far until become one copied stuck by a person and not you.

●Don't care about the other people's opinion !

It is thanks to my best friend that I trust in me. This advice joins that to be yourself. Once I asked her how she made to be as she was, to mess it totally of the look of people and of which they thought of you. And she returned, looked at me and told me that that was of no use to have something of it to make and that it was better necessary to be ourselves in this world and to live as we wanted it.

●Live !

So yes friends, live. Live and be yourself. Surround yourselves with the best and get rid the people who will try to damage you. Be whom you are within this world. There are too many people who follow the society or then try to be made a name, then are not afraid of being unique, quite the opposite. The fact of being unique relates more. Walk in the street as you wish it, get dressed how you wish it and it in spite of yourself and not others!


Then I know, this advice is not maybe really advice. I know not, see that as you want. I shall say that the key of the self-confidence already begins when we love each other. Love yourself! Like your body, your too stiff or too much waved hair! Like your forms and likes the fact that you are fine. Begin by loving you yourself and it, will already be a big step in your life. Then, be yourself and care you only of you. Do not listen to set apart people if his opinion is a constructive opinion. Not you concerns by people who does not love to you and tell you " you are as this, you are like that ". Know that you cannot polar to everybody and that in more than that, these people will not be absolutely of no use to you in your set apart life to piss off you. Then not the calculations not and one you, simply you.

I trust you and I love you.
You know, if you want to talk to someone you can talk to me. I'm gonna hear you.
I Love You.

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