today i'm going to be telling you guys a few tips on how to get the "boujee" or expensive look without breaking your wallet. enjoy!

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1. add sparkles to every look

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whether it's a clutch or a whole dress, adding sparkles to any look will create a more put-together look.

2. look for sales

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wait for pieces you've been looking at to go on sale. this will help you save big bucks, especially if they are originally expensive.

3. splurge on statement pieces

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saving your money for a statement piece can easily make any outfit look expensive. for example, a simple pair of black jeans a black shirt can easily be transformed with a black gucci belt.

4. there's a dupe to everything

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whether it's makeup or clothing, there's usually a dupe if it's a popular piece. for example there's a lot of gucci sunglass dupes. if you buy from the right place, you could get dupes to look like the actual piece for a lot cheaper.

5. thrift it

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you could get lucky and find an originially expensive piece. go to your local thrift stores and check it out!

6. spice it up with silk

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silk is such an elegant material. it can truly transform any outfit.


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