Hi everybody, just thought I'd share my weekday makeup routine with you! It's very easy and simple due to the fact we are not allowed to wear very much makeup at my school. I use a lot of products for my skin as I have a small amount of acne at times, so I have different products for different areas. I definitely wouldn't recommend this for someone with smooth skin, just a light tinted moisturiser will do! Also note this is the order I do my makeup in (I do concealer etc. last to avoid eyeshadow fallout and mascara smudges)

Step 1: Primer

My favourite primer has to be the Bare Minerals 'Original Prime Time' primer, I use my fingers to rub it into my t-zone about 5 minutes after moisturiser, be careful to leave time for the moisturiser to absorb fully beforehand to get the full benefits.

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Step 2: Tinted moisturiser

I again use a Bare Minerals product, I find the brand absolutely wonderful for base makeup and their products are very natural in comparison with other brands which is better for my skin problems! I use my fingers to apply the tinted moisturiser (Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream) all over my face and a little down the neck to blend as it's a very light formula. The warmth from my hands helps it to sink in leaving a much more natural looking base layer and avoiding a dreaded 'cake face' appearance.

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Natural Base Makeup

Step 3: Eyebrows

I tend to go for a more natural looking eyebrow during the week as my eye makeup is very minimal. I use the benefit goof proof pencil and do light strokes to imitate hairs starting at the tail to make it darker and creating a nice gradient from dark to light to avoid 'blocky' looking eyebrows. I then use the spoolie on the other end of the pencil to blend the eyebrows lightly so all the hairs sit right.

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Step 4: Eyeshadow

My favourite everyday palette is the Too Faced 'Sweet Peach'. Two Faced shadows are always extremely good quality, very pigmented and deliciously blendable, well worth the price tag! To start with I use the shade 'White peach' all over my lid with a small compact shadow brush for a base so other shadows are easier to blend. Then I take 'Puree' (a light warm brown) in my crease with an angle shadow brush to add definition I then blend it slightly upwards with a fluffy blending brush so there are no harsh lines. Then I take my small shadow brush again with 'Summer Yum' (a warm, pigmented red brown) on the outer side of my lid and blend into the centre. Lastly I use a small shadow brush for some shimmer in my inner corners with 'Luscious' this makes eyes pop!

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Step 4: Eyeliner

For school I prefer not to use liquid liner instead I line just my tight line (under eyelashes) with a smudgy pencil, this adds definition and makes lashes look thicker. I use Too Faced's 'Perfect Eyes' liner in waterproof to avoid transfer to my bottom lash line.

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As you can see there is a black line underneath the actual lashes, this is usually white.

Step 5: Mascara

My favourite mascaras are from Benefit, 'Rollerlash' and 'They're Real' both give a great lengthening effect, almost false lash like! I also like 'Better than sex' by Too Faced this makes lashes look very thick. After I've applied my mascara I always carefully push them up and hold while they dry a while with the 'stick' in the middle of a cotton bud, which I them use to tidy up any smudges.

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Step 6: Colour Corrector

I use then go back to skin when eye makeup is finished and use a creamy green colour corrector on red blemishes. I use a small concealer brush to apply and blend the corrector. I use Collection 'Lasting Perfection'.

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Step 7: Concealer

I use liquid concealer as I find it most effective for high coverage, I apply it with a makeup sponge for a well blended, smooth finish. I cover under my eyes and on red areas with a thin layer to start with and go over dark areas with more layers if necessary afterwards so you don't end up with the 'thick' noticeable makeup. If a spot/ problem area is really being stubborn put a dob of concealer on it and wait for a minute or two before blending, the colour really stays when you do this. I use the Real Techniques 'Miracle Complexion Sponge' and Collection 'Lasting Perfection' concealer for a natural, full coverage appearance.

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Step 8: Powder

I use a lightweight powder with a little bit of colour, for that last bit of coverage to set my base. I take a small powder brush that fits under my eyes and very lightly buff over my face. I tap excess product off before so that I don't get too matte a finish. I use Bareminerals 'Barepro Powder Foundation' .

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Step 9: Contour/Bronzer

I use an angled brush and Benefit's Hoola Bronzer to contour my cheeks. I put the powder in the natural hollows of my cheeks, edge of my forehead and a little along my jawline. I use a large fluffy brush after that to blend just so there are no harsh lines or patchy areas.

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Step 10: Blush

I use a Sleek blush called 'Rose Gold' which is a dupe for Nars 'Orgasm' blush. It gives a lovely gold-pink glow, I apply it very lightly with a fluffy blush brush just above my contour on the outer area of my cheeks NOT on the apples, putting blush in the right place enhances your contour.

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Step 11: Highlighter

I use highlighter minimally on my cheekbones with a small fluffy brush for the barest of glows, on my brow bones, and a little on my cupids bow, I personally don't put any on my nose as it doesn't suit the shape of it. I use the Sleek 'Solstice' highlighting palette, it has absolutely gorgeous shades and is really not expensive.

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Step 12:

Last of all, I either use a clear balm like Maybelline 'Baby Lips - Hydrate', or a very muted nude, my favourite is 'Sugar Daddy La Crème Lipstick' by Too Faced. I apply these straight from the bullet, I only use a lip brush when applying darker colours needing more precision.

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And that's it! All my makeup knowledge, I hope this helps you in some way, this works very well for me, but each persons complexion is different, so I would advise experimentation and exploration to find what works well for your skin and features.