I have seen this everywhere lately so it was about time I did it also. ♥︎

▷ Hogwarts House

aesthetic animal flowers gold

▷ Patronus

expecto patronum animal
A stag, like Harry

▷ What is your wand made of?

harry potter harry potter
Apple wood with a Unicorn hair core 11" and Quite Bendy flexibility

▷ Favourite female character?

harry potter harry potter best friends hermione granger
Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger

▷ Favorite male character?

harry potter death daniel radcliffe harry potter
Couldn´t really make a decision but besides Harry and Ron it´s Fred, George and Sirius.

▷Female character you hate the most?

Superthumb harry potter cup harry potter
Dolores Umbridge and Pansy Parkinson (flipped when she points out harry in deathly hallows)

▷Male character you hated the most?

gryffindor harry potter
Tom Riddle

▷Parts that made you cry?

elf alan rickman black and white book Superthumb autumn
I honestly cried so much when I read and watched the series.. Deaths I cried for: Sirius, Hedwig, Dobby, Fred and Snape. I also cried when Harry and Hermione were dancing in the movie "Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows part 1" and when i finished reading the books I cried RIVERS.

▷Which deathly hallows would you use?

deathly hallows aesthetic
If I were one of the brothers i honestly would have chosen the stone.

▷Spell I would use?

hand harry potter book green
Vingardium Leviosa, Incendio & Lumos

▷Favorite professor?

Superthumb alan rickman book Superthumb
Snape & McGonagall

▷Which class is your favourite?

harry potter Superthumb
Defense against the dark arts & Flying

▷Favorite place in Hogwarts?

christmas harry potter
The great hall

▷Spin-off I'm looking forward to?

harry potter Superthumb Superthumb couple
I would love for "the Marauders" story to be told.

▷Favorite book/movie?

book daniel radcliffe book emma watson
Sorcerers stone & Deathly Hallows

▷Favorite quote from the series?

Superthumb book always albus dumbledore