After writing my first article and seeing how many good responses I got from it (thank you btw!) I saw this lil' challenge going around and thought I would give it a try so the wonderful people of WHI could learn a bit more about little old me (I'm 19 lol pass me the wrinkle cream). This isn't necessarily original content but its fun so imma do it anyways :)

My Style

blue aesthetic eye black all star Superthumb
My style can be... least to say a lil' confusing. I have bright pink hair at the moment, I never really left my emo phase so I only really wear dark/black colours and I never wear any other shoe other than converse *All Star by Smash Mouth plays in background* I wear my heart shape sunnies and I constantly look like I'm either off to a festival or fell in a bucket of glitter. Yes, I am that extra. Safe to say you can see me coming a mile off.

My Hobbies

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb art mandala art
I have a fair few hobbies, tbh I could have included "watching cartoons until my eyeballs dry up" as one of them but I thought I would stick to what I am passionate about- Art, looking at it, and especially making it (I'm currently studying Animation at university so I guess I love drawing more than anything). Yoga, although I do need to try and fit more into my life. Music festivals and concerts are my way of escape. I think they're brilliant, I can scream lyrics at the top of my lungs and nobody can hear my voice sounding like I'm a 12 year old boy who just hit puberty!!!1! And I can be stood in front of a famous person, that's also pretty cool!

My Fave Colours / Aesthetic

background green aesthetic kpop
My fave colour ever is YELLOW! It's such a happy colour and I get quite offended when people don't agree lol. I will defend my child. My aesthetic however is very based around pastel colours, especially pink and blue and if it's sparkly and bright even better!!

My Fave Animals

adorable Superthumb animal Superthumb
To wittle my fave animals down to only 4 is almost impossible but I chose these ones because they all mean something to me! Chicks are probably the animals that changed my life the most, they are the animals that made me turn vegetarian! If you are not veggie I do recommend! I also chose a cute lil' gerbil as i have had 4 pet gerbils who I love with all my heart and give them weird names (one to name is Cornflake/Corny for short), I also have had 4 pet fish in my time on this earth, right now I only have one left but Claude the Goldfish is still going strong!!! And the final animal is a butterfly, they used to be my all time fave animal but since my dad died they became a lot more meaningful to my family and me 💛 BUT I LOVE ALL ANIMALS BIG AND SMOL EQUALLY.

My Fave Celebrities

Superthumb icon Superthumb r5
Jessie Paege is my fave YouTuber she's the embodiment of an adorable, soft, emo, rainbow and her videos inspire the heck outta me! Ariana Grande, she's an absolute warrior princess, what else can I say? Miley Cyrus is the love of my entire life. And death. Then my fave band in the whole world, R5... although they broke my heart the other day but I still love them. I have A LOT of celebrity crushes but that would end up a list that's wayyyy too long. I mean I'm probably boring you all already.

My Fave TV Shows

funny doctor who Superthumb hannah montana
My top 4 TV shows (in no particular order) *game show music starts* are Friends, Hannah Montana (that has to be my fave tho), Doctor Who, and Sherlock. Yep, I'm officially still a 10 year old nerd who likes to giggle sometimes.

My Fave Music Peeps

dave grohl Superthumb ariana lynch
My top 4 are pretty obvious, Nirvana include my grunge princes, Miley Cyrus aka the love of my life, Ariana Grande, and R5. I am basic :))))

My Fave Movies

alice disney Superthumb Superthumb
As an animation student, you can see why I picked mostly animated movies. Because I'm an actual child inside. And proud. My fave classic Disney Movies are Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan, but Saving Mr Banks is SO GOOD 10/10 WELL DONE DISNEY. My fave Studio Ghibli movie is Kiki's Delivery Service, the visuals and everything are just stunning and pretty and the story line is cute and CAN I PLS BE KIKI?

My Personality

90s art Superthumb aesthetic art aesthetic
yeah... people think I'm weird.... that's pretty cool though.

My Fave Quotes

aesthetic alice food alone

I've gone on a bit haven't I?! oh well.
People of the internet, thank you for your precious time, stay safe!

xoxo - Chloe