welcome to an article all about me, hopefully I'm not boring haha. I added a few questions I thought would be interesting... I tag all of you reading this to complete this tag too ;)


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I would say I've had a weird style since I was very young. Lots of black, stripes, spontaneous looks of colors, classic jeans, lots of graphic tees, and a various selection of oversized sweaters. Over the years my style has changed, but it always seems to go back to the vintage looks I've grown up in.


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tbh I'm such a color whore, I love all colors.


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I'm a sagittarius, and i couldn't be more like my sign. I'm adventurous, and love traveling and spending time with friends, but i also savor my alone time. I'd like to say I'm an extrovert but I know deep down inside I'm an introvert. Oh god, this is sounding more and more like a tinder profile page, I'll move on now haha


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I'm a classic bookworm, favorite being atonement. I like trying out new and crazy makeup looks even though I'll never have anywhere to wear it. I like to drive around or take the subway and just enjoy to scenery, or on the subway there lack of scenery. I'm such a whore for skincare, I spend so much time putting products on my face than anything.


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It's kinda a complicated story. I was born in Philadelphia, PA. When I was two, my mom, who's from Brooklyn, NY, moved us there. I grew up in nyc and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I moved back to Philly in 2015, my father is from there. I live in Philly currently, but I'm going to move back to Brooklyn or the Bronx when I'm 18 for college.


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My mom is Greek and French, my father is German and Irish. Weird combos, ik. My mom speaks French and my dad speaks German. I grew up in a multilingual home, so I speak fluent English, French, and German. When my parents divorced, my father married a woman who spoke Hungarian, so I know a bit of Hungarian but definitely not fluent at all.


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I have greenish blue eyes. Dark brown wavy hair. If you need more of a picture, I'm literally a mini Dakota Johnson.

Thank you so much for sticking around till the very end! Sorry this got really personal out of no where, I might take out the personal parts later if I feel like it shouldn't be there but for now thats me! Hopefully I'm not too boring for ya lmao. If you want to follow me on insta or snapchat just dm me and ill give it to ya! Love you all so much! xoxo Hanna