Day 8 - Something you learned today

Today I learned that March 7th is "Punschrullens dag" (punch-roll day) in Sweden. I have worked at pastry shops/bakeries for several years, so normally I have a pretty good idea of such days, but this one I had completely missed! And this is strange considering the punsch-roll is one of my absolute favorite pastries. To honor the day, let's talk about punsch-rolls!

Image by Lina
Swedish punschrulle (punsch-roll)

The punsch-roll is a Swedish small cylindrical pastry covered with marzipan with the ends dipped in chocolate. The interior consists of a mix of crushed cookies, butter and cacao, which is flavoured with punsch liqueur.

We also call this pastry dammsugare ("vacuum cleaner"), mostly referring to its appearance, but also to the supposed practice of the pastry baker collecting crumbs from yesterday's cookies for filling. As you can imagine this helps a lot to prevent unnecessary waste.

It's really hard to explain the taste of it, since it is so unique. I really can't think of anything similar... But I would describe it as sweet with a little bit of bitterness.

The punsch-roll shares first place with the Swedish chokladboll (chocolate ball) on my list of favorite pastries. If you ever get the chance, give them a try!

dessert, story, and food image
Swedish chokladboll (chocolate ball)

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