Well we all know that we have a negative mind,
we can´t do anything about that and the only question i can ask myself is what if ? what if i sayed that? what if i did know? what if where friends? what if i die? would my friends miss me and do they really care about me ?
I know that it sound crazy for some but yes even the most happy person you every met, got a broken heart maybe you don´t see them. But they are there.

my life gets ups and downs. and i know that sometimes you need to move on. but that doesn´t mean that you are happy now. If you cry yourself in sleep thats okay right? you are so strong that you can hold that for the night and you move in the next moring, If everybodys hates you it okay right ? you don´t need them to make yourself happy but keep going and show them that you are GREAT on you´re own.

Sometimes i am a little depressife is okay. It makes you awake to enjoy the times that you are happy! and let everybody see it that you can be happy because that smile !! that is what make other people happy !! Don´t blame yourself for beiing sad that totaly okay but also enjoy you´re (little)happy moments !

And maybe you dont care but well I LOVE YOU !