Hi!!!!!!!!!!! So, In this article i'm going to give you some tips for a mini life makeover. Hope you like it !


If you want to give your life a mini makeover you need to be motivate and ready to do it. A makeover must bring you positivity. If it's not the case just think about it. You can do meditation. It must be in a good way. In fact, a life makeover should give you newness, it's a new start. You need to be confident and sure of yourself. CONFIDENCE is essential. This step is very important if you want to do a mini life makeover.

She change her cant into can and her dreams into plans.
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For doing a life makeover, you need to know what you want to change. It must be organized in your mind. As you can see in the the title, create a vision of what you want to become. And don't forget it must be in a good way. Too, be kind with yourself, your makeover needn't to be a torture. Take you time, you will see the changment.

A little progress each day adds up to big progress.
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If you want to do a mini life makeover, you can do some physical changments, like a new haircut, new clothes, glasses...
This is not the most important but it helps very well. Another tip I can give you is to make new friends if they are good for you. But keep your old best friends if you love them.

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Sure, if you want to do a life makeover, you are not going to do it sleeping in your bed. Just wake up! Clean you room, do some exercices and your homework. There are so many articles about it in WHI, go check them! At the end of your days, you must be proud of what you have accomplished.

Small progress is still progress.
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It's very important to take care of yourself for a life makeover. Take a bath, and do all those beauty life hacks. Also, take a break of social media, it will be very helpful for your mind. Read books, draw, or do another activity you like. However you can distract yourself with youtube videos or WHI for inspiration! Too, Spend your time with your family, and laugh with your friends. You will feel so good!

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So that's all for my first article! I hope it will be helpful! And don't forget, be positive.Thank you so much for reading!!!

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