Hey everyone. Hope everyone is doing good. If you noticed these days i started a "women power movement", and i'm coming back today with a new article about: women gaining people's respect.

1. Respect yourself

Of course if you want to earn other people's respect, you must respect yourself first.

2. Be honest with people

Don't be afraid to honestly speak the truth and say exactly what you think.

3. Dress properly

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Your appearence plays a huge role in the impression people make about you. You can be fashionable and trendy in a very respectful way, you don't need to show too much skin to be sexy. You can be sexy even you are all covered up.

4. Don't gossip a lot

If you keep talking to people about other people, you will spoil your reputation. They will automatically think that you are not "trustworthy".

5. Don't be too nice, learn how to say no

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People think that by being too nice, they will gain people's love. Even when you don't want to do something you say that you will do it thinking that they will love you more. No. By doing that, people will use you to doing things for them or doing their work for them. And you don't want that, you want to be respected .

6. Don't go out with every man who asks you out

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Being on a relationship with someone is nice but going out with each man who asks you out is definitely among the top 3 reasons a woman lose people's respect.

7. Keep your promises

That's it for today's article dear hearters. Hope you liked it . Take care of yourselves ❤

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