1.) Practice makes perfect

~It might sound like a broken record by now, but the more time you put into drawing the more artistic you may become. Many artists have found that it took several years for them to discover their own art style but putting in a few minutes whenever you can may help you grow.

2.) Use a reference!

~It's important to use a reference for drawing something that you don't understand very well or have little experience in. The internet is a wonderful source for many different angles, styles, and examples of something that you might like to draw.

3.) Save your work and Reflect

~Keeping your progress in some form or another helps you look back at your art later in life. You can examine pieces that were at one point challenging, but now you can tackle easily. Whether or not you are proud of them every time you make a simple doodle or piece you are practicing a skill. I myself have a folder full of old drawings and looking back at them always makes me laugh.

4.) Study other art styles and details

~A great thing to do is take interest in an artist that you know or discover a new one. By observing someone else's works you can pick up on various details, skills, and common design choices. This can range from older works of animation or someone that submits art that you like on Twitter.

5.) Share your work

~While this isn't required to do at all, I would suggest showing other people what art you create. Sometimes someone can provide a whole new view of something you have made or make useful suggestions. You don't have to do this with everything you make, but rather what you feel confident about.


~I put this in all capitals because it's easy to feel like art is a defined being, but it really isn't. Art comes in many different forms and therefore you should remember that you're always welcome to try new things. I would recommend experimenting with different drawing pencils, shades, colors, and perspectives to get started.

These are just a few tips that I would suggest to anyone who is giving art a try but doesn't really know where to begin. Hope you learned something from this article and have a great day!