I've been very busy lately and I've lost a couple of days, but I'll try to post them asap.

11. Something you always think "What if..." about

Last june I went to my very first Motionless in White's live concert.

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb motionless in white

It was absolutely one of the best days of my life, even though I was in physical pain due to an injury.
Anyway, the guys were amazing. I loved every single song and I even got to meet Ghost, the bassist!

Superthumb motionless in white band band

I always wonder, What if I could've met them all?, What would've happen? or What could I say to them?
Meeting them all it's been a dream of mine since I started listening to this amazing band and not beeing able to do that when they came to Italy kind of disappointed me.
But I truly do hope that they'll come back some day and that, maybe, they will sell VIP packages. It would mean the world for me to meet them all. Especially Ricky, because he's like my spirit animal.

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