The whole year started to dismissed row by row while me and a freckled brunette, who is probably Hannah, made our way to the front of the stage. That's where the head of year now stood.
"Sorry Calla, I haven't introduced myself - I am Miss Croft the head of Year 12 and as you know, you just came here during the summer term so I expect you know a lot about what we learnt this year."
I nodded.
She gave Hannah a square piece of paper which looked like a timetable and a key with a tag for a locker.
Hannah said to me in her american accent, "Let's go Calla, we don't have long before period one starts."
I quickly followed her down the ground floor corridor up 4 flights of stairs and down a 2nd floor corridor which has yellow lockers on each side.
We stopped in front of a set of lockers near the end of the corridor which had small numbers taped in the corner of the door... 149, 150, 151... Hannah gave me my locker key with the tag '150 Calla Marie,' I opened it, took out my folder with my pencil case and I placed my bag into the locker.
Once I was done, Hannah gave me my timetable and told me that we go to the same classes so she would show me around the school.

In the first period, I was introduced to the class by the maths teacher Ms Sano who was really nice by not giving much homework, not giving the students a detention if they are more than 5 minutes late and is really calm when some major problems occur in the class between popular students & not so popular students (according to Hannah).

I smiled sheepishly at the class, causing my blush to show. Ms Sano said to the class, "As you know, Calla is new here so I hope you treat her well. So, Calla would you like to tell the class a little bit about yourself?"

"Erm..." I started. What shall I tell them. The fact that I got expelled and was forced to go to community service or I moved from Cardiff to London. I think I'll choose option number 2. I thought panicking in the spot, "Well, I moved here from Cardiff. Obviously, you could tell by my accent which is a bit different from yours." A blonde girl who had tanned skin (probably from going on holiday too much I don't know) gave me a stern look, "I now live with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. So, yeah that's all."

"Thank you, Calla. You could sit next to Hannah over by the cupboards and can Andrea hand Calla a new text book please?"

I nodded and walked over to her desk, placing my stuff down and sat next to Hannah who smiled thinly at me her dimples showing on her cherubic face. I smiled back at her. She nodded in the direction of the same blonde girl (probably Andrea) who was walking over to me holding a text book in her hand casting a hateful glance at Hannah. Hannah was returning the gesture. I don't like where this is going... I thought.

She dropped the book on the desk making a loud bang which caused heads to turn. Ms Sano then said, "Oh, no. Class, I left my USB drive in the staff room I will be back in a sec." She hurriedly left the room. Andrea smacked her palms onto the table her face turning from tanned orange to bright red.

"Hannah! You went through my locker, threw everything onto the floor and used spray paint to write 'Dork,' at the front. That really hurts my popularity reputation here!"

"I would never do anything like that! You actually deserve it so you better take your behind and go accuse somebody else."

"You are not going anywhere," Andrea snarled grabbing Hannah by the hair dragging her out of her chair, "Until you confess to me and the whole class for all I care that you did it."

The whole class started to chant, "BEEF, BEEF, BEEF!"

"No and seriously you are tripping." Hannah replied punching her hard in the belly causing her to stagger back with blood coming from her lip, "I never would have done that if I wanted to. I won't waste my time drawing stupid words on people's lockers-"

"Unless you are a real hater." She said regaining her balance and ready to cause another blow. Just in time, Ms Sano came into the classroom and the look on her face tells me she is horrified at the fact that a fight has happened once again (according to Hannah). She shooed Andrea (and some other kid to help her) to the medical room and made sure Hannah was alright who was explaining the story. In no time, Ms Sano was teaching the class, everyone calmed down and I was struggling to keep up (Oh, I suck at maths).

It has been my first day in school and the first period was only a doze of what the definition of drama is in this school.

I went through last two lessons before lunch drama free, but there's only a few snickers (probably from Andrea's haters) whenever she enters the room.

As usual, she casts hateful glances at Hannah and won't even realise that I exist or I might tarnish her reputation here. I was a popular kid back in my old school and I hate being ignored (I would also avenge Hannah and she'll be thanking me.)

The last period before lunch, I met Hannah's friend (Nikki Monet). The class was taught by Mrs Norris (the geography teacher who likes me as her new favourite student) was aware of the fight in Period 1, so she held me back (while the rest of the class went to Lunch) to warn me about the drama and fights going on in this school (she even told me she went home with a bruise on her face from breaking a fight between two Year 10 boys).

So when we were done talking, I asked the directions to the cafeteria and hurriedly left. As I was sprinting down the corridor, I bumped into a person in my year (I thought). I didn't look at the face until I was on my back on the floor and it was the most gorgeous guy I've ever met. I didn't realise he was offering his hand to help me up.

I took his hand, feeling my face go hot OMG I am blushing hard! I quickly brushed my skirt and made eye contact with him.

He asked, "Are you OK?"

I stuttered, "Y-yeah, I am fine."

"You are new here, I saw you in Maths. Let me introduce myself, I'm Logan, Logan Ivory." He took my hand and kissed it. OMG, OMG, OMG. He looked up and asked, "And you are?"
"Erm... I'm Calla, Calla Marie," I gave him a little curtsy, "Sorry for bumping into you like that."
"It's OK. You don't need to worry. I could help you get to cafeteria, we don't have long. Follow me."
So I followed him to the cafeteria feeling a little dazed from that experience.