I focus on certain body parts every other day. e.g. Monday I would do arms Wednesday I would do legs, etc. You can tailor this to how it will work best for you, these exercises are no weights or machines! Just remember to let your body rest after workouts and properly stretch and cool-down. There are no numbers so you can do however many reps or sets you want! Abs are in two parts because there are a lot of exercises so you can do it in one day or two.

Abs Pt.1

- situps
- plank
- crunches
- spider crunches
- russian twists
-jackknife sit-ups
- side plank
- hollow

Abs Pt. 2

- superman
- bicycle crunches
- reverse crunches
- leg raises
- wipers
- scissors
- flutter kicks


- donkey kicks
- squats
- sumo squats
- side kicks
- pelvic raise
- side steps


- pushups
- big circles
- little circles
- mountain climbers
- burpees
- jumping jacks
- dips
- close grip pushups
- shoulder taps


- wall sit
- high knees
- standing leg raises
- calf raise

That's all! Remember to stay hydrated!