The Midheaven, at the zenith, in the South, is the domain of fate and career in the global sense (and not work in everyday life).
The Midheaven represents the place the subject occupies in social life and becomes more and more important with age.
It is in relationship with Capricorn and Saturn.

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Build everything, demolish everything, and rebuild everything even more beautiful: your inability to fix yourself, your constant desire for renewal, your dynamism and your independence make you rather a saw-tooth destiny. This does not displease you since, for you, the important thing is never to tire yourself and to spend without counting your energy.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: police officer, military, high-level sportsman, company manager, public prosecutor, promoter, car racer, stuntman, firefighter, security guard, metalworker, lumberjack, mechanic, butcher, businessman or businesswoman also for the taste of risk and the challenge.

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You are a conservative, a worker, a slow but a solid. You slowly but surely accumulate property, possessions, and it is rare that in the forties or often before you do not already have a strong bank account and real estate that make you proud.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: landscape gardener, farmer, horticulturist, breeder, carpenter, architect, hotelier, ranger, banker, accountant, financial advisor, cook, chef, restaurateur, singer, musician, sculptor, sartor or actor theater, as you are particularly attracted by all professions that touch nature, land, financial businesses, music and entertainment, the pleasures of life.

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You only do what you want and enjoy, and you repeat it tirelessly throughout your life. Full of ideas, projects, contacts, you are constantly on several hares at a time.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: journalist, writer, salesman, salesman, travel agent, lawyer, lecturer, trader, stewardess or steward, comic, tightrope walker, juggler, acrobat, photographer, reporter, computer scientist, model, theater or film actor, dancer, storyteller, stockbroker, trader, speaker, teacher, performer, poet or cartoonist.

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Very cautious, you wait for your time before you run, but at that moment, nothing stops you in your project, very often related to land domains or to the past. Your desire for protection and your natural anxiety in the face of any novelty do not predispose you to play a leading role quickly.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: hotelier, restaurateur, real estate agent, notary, entrepreneur, accountant, actor, sailor, diver, historian, antique dealer, social worker, cabinet maker, musician, writer or poet.

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Honors, prestigious reputation, obtaining important responsibilities: your natural authority spurs you a fairly fast passage in the high spheres of power, arts or business. If you do not get celebrity, at least you can boast of attending the best of society and integrating yourself into society circles that you feel should recognize you naturally.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: entrepreneur, leading film or theater actor, star performer, director, senior official, ambassador, director of game rooms, director of leisure complex, director of art gallery, hotelier in the upscale or luxury, jeweler, musician, comic, fireman, tamer, police officer, banker or rider.

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Organized, methodical, hardworking, focused but discreet and not risk-taking, you tend to underestimate yourself and therefore occupy positions too modest for your value. But it's your choice and you have the impression of mastering the situation. In addition, your desire to constantly improve yourself gradually makes you make up for lost time and it is not uncommon that, in the second half of professional life, you can finally take off and reach the place that is yours, thanks to your great qualities.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: accountant, architect, scientific expert, mathematician, secretary, executive assistant, banker, industrial draftsman, computer specialist, service provider in personal assistance or cleaning, doctor, financier, trader, professor, watchmaker, civil servant in the administration, breeder, minister of health or finance, social worker, librarian, pharmacist, veterinarian, physiotherapist, stockbroker or nurse.

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Not very interested in material contingencies, your destiny is mainly related to the meetings you make and more particularly to your wedding; indeed, your destiny takes a major turn at that moment.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: fashion designer, fashion model, fashion designer, animator, luxury trader, lawyer, judge, musician, decorator, painter, poet, designer, dancer, florist, writer, singer, marriage counselor, beautician, hairdresser , stewardess or steward, journalist, mediator, foreign minister, receptionist, landscaper or movie star.

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Your destiny is very often made up of situation reversals: you are not a transformer only for the others but also for yourself! You are patient and lucid, you watch for the right moment to let all your strength and your immense power unleash then to achieve the goal you have chosen and you have every chance to achieve. Persevering, enduring, anyway even dramas and crises stimulate you. Nothing can stop you on your way to power or business. Your taste for power stimulates you constantly.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: private detective, police officer, military, vulcanologist, engineer, surgeon, butcher, gynecologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, astrologer, entrepreneur, occultist, psychic, mystic, trader, financial in the fields of the stock market or investments , banker, funeral director, military strategist, radiesthesist, miner, atomic scientist, researcher or computer designer, sexologist, political party leader or clairvoyant.

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Your destiny is the measure of your nature, full of sociability and exuberance: you see things in a broad and optimistic way in all cases and, very quickly, you have a situation to the extent of your scope. Using your charm and daring wonderfully, you have the guts to aim higher than you would normally expect, but in any case, the result is at least enough for your ambition.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: explorer, driver, taxi driver, truck driver, jockey, racehorse manager, sales representative, international businessman, comic artist, politician, ambassador, tour operator , salesman, company manager, magistrate, import-export job, military, teacher, seconded position abroad, position in a tourism agency, philosopher, religious, sociologist, church man or spiritual master.

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If you are slow, you usually reach the end of life higher than others as you have professional ambition. Your hour of glory comes late, but your most fruitful and successful period is that of old age.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: administrator, high-level scientist, geologist, speleologist, archaeologist, politician, financier, farmer, police officer, lawyer, judge, prison guard, mechanic, officer, scholar, education minister, professor of university, banker, senior executive in insurance, notary or antique dealer.

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Your destiny is the measure of your nature: full of surprise, changes of course due to your unexpected accesses of independence and freedom that make you flee the monotony and thus recreate other environments in which you feel better again .

The professions that may be suitable for you are: pilot, computer scientist, astronomer, astrologer, electronics, electrician, scientist, activist in a humanitarian work, astronaut, network engineer, webmaster, neurosurgeon, comic, stuntman, photographer, occultist, filmmaker, association administrator, philosopher or atomist researcher.

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Your destiny is the measure of your nature: indecisive but flexible and adaptive. You are indeed able to adapt to almost any environment provided that the context is not rigorous, precise, competitive. Provided that you can work at your own pace, with a pleasant atmosphere that you hold so much, then you are perfectly at ease, being one with your workplace.

The professions that may be suitable for you are: musician, dancer, theater, television or film actor, clairvoyant, psychic, priest, nurse, veterinarian, writer, pharmacist, sailor, fisherman, coastguard, heating engineer, poet, doctor, post in the field of humanitarian action or freedoms or job in the services of restoration, household, care.

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