Hi, I saw this challenge going around a lot and I love reading and writing these but I didn't even have a laptop to write articles on so now I do and here I am.
I'm new at this so maybe it won't be perfect but it'll be something and I hope you'll enjoy this, maybe do this yourself.

Day one: 20 facts about me

1. My name is Frauke, which you may not be able to prenounce
2. I'm from Belguim
3. I'm 15 years old
4. My birthday is on the 16th of july
5. I have two brothers, one being 19 and one being 21
6. My parents are divorced, but so is everyones parents these days
7. Number 6 is the reason why I am not getting married
8. I seek attention in wrong ways (which do no harm to other people) but I don't actually like a lot of attention
9. Every week there is a day that I will feel sad but I know I will get out of it
10. I'm single but it's fine
11. At heart I know I'm actually a sweet girl but that won't take away that I do things that aren't the sweetest
12. I want to become a surgeon but not a lot of people believe that I can and even I only believe that for 70%
12. I'm lazy but it's getting better
13. I pierced my ear 3 times myself
14. I actually binge eat ugh
15. I love music from xxxtentacion and The 1975 (which you should consider listening to)
16. My lucky number is 16, just because I'm born on that date
17. At home I don't really get that at-home-feeling
18. I love my friends and I know which ones are always there for me
19. My favorite color is blue
20. I loved this and hope you loved/liked this too