- Have you ever felt that nothing is going to your hand, how do you want to do something but something always stopping you? Do you have that feeling as if the whole universe is against you?

For example, you get a bad grade on the test, although you've been learning, you do not do well in training, you do not have the will to do anything, you want to write a post, but you accidentally delete everything even if you write it the third time, you want to record the video but somehow wipe or is it all out of focus?

If you have these moments, I want to ask you what are you doing after that?

Are you angry?
Do you cry?
Do you just lie down, look at one thing and try not to think about it?
Do you go to eat? (btw food isn’t solution !!)
Do you say that you will never try again, or will you not learn for hard subject?
Do you breathe a few times and calm down?
Wipe tears and try again?
You say that nothing can stop you?
You try again, again and again until you succeed?
Put a smile on your face and say that everything is possible?
And remember that the formula is only your will, and what prevents you are the excuses and the fear of a new failure?

I just want to say that you need to be positively and calmly.
If you do not, try to change it.
Remember, your will and your efforts are important.
Because you only lose battle after you give up, know that.
Try to fulfill all that you want because life is one and you will regret for missed opportunities and for everything that you could achieve, and you are not because you gave up.
I just want more and more persistent and those who do not give up, those who have confidence and who are not afraid of failure. Only in this way will you have your dreams come true.

i love you guys, stay motivated and be brave.
ps. Sorry for bad englisch, ps.2 if you want to talk i’m here ps.3 if you have suggestion for new articles – send me. ps.4 thank you for good reactions, you make me really happy ^^ ps.5 my other aticles