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I have always loved Tokyo and Seoul that is why I follow so many YouTubers from these geographic locations. Also, it's always interesting and refreshing to see other people's way of life.

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Here's a list of the YouTubers I enjoy hearing from:

"Japan Lifestyle":

🎬Taylor R

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Taylor is a vlogger from both Japan and Hong Kong. She is always making fun and cool videos that have very different themes to them.

🎬Sharla in Japan

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Sharla is a vlogger from Japan and is Taylor's bff. She is moving to South Korea but 99% of her content up until now is Japan related.

🎬Simon and Martina

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Simon and Martina have a looong history. Initially they were in South Korea making content for eatyourkimchi (you can see below) but then moved to Japan. I have been following them for years now and I cannot count the times I have laughed my heart out because of them.
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"Korean Lifestyle":


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Q2HAN are two very cute and kind sisters that make Korean fashion and lifestyle related content.

🎬Megan Bowen

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I have also followed Megan for a few years now and she is so funny and cool.


🎬Krist Soup + krist & yu

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I found her one day in my recommended videos and I have binge watched almost all of her videos. She has two channels and let me tell you, she is the most creative YouTuber I have ever seen.


🎬Ask Japanese

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A channel where Japanese people are interviewed on the streets about all kinds of topics.

🎬Asia Boss

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A channel that is very similar to Ask Japanese but instead of Japan the scope of it is Asia as a whole.

"Urban Exploring":

🎬Exploring With Josh

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Josh is an urban explorer who records all of his ventures in the world of abandoned. P.S. he went to pripyat and is currently in Hong Kong as well + he has content from Japan, England and all around the USA



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Domics makes very funny animation type storytimes.

🎬Jessii Vee

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When I first found Jessii I basically binge watched most of her storytimes and I always like listening to her spooky adventures.



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Mei is goalss. She is cute, kind and sooo beautiful. Also her Instagram lives are very fun and cosy.


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whenever I'm drama deprived and need a killer makeup tutorial I binge watch Jeffree a lot.

P.S. I decided to divide the list since it was too long, so keep an eye out for the second one (I'll probably link it here).

Stay true,

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