Damn, why am I so stupid to start this challenge in the busiest weeks of this college year. Right now I could certainly run away from all of my responsibilities.

Day 4

If you could run away where would you go?

To be honest, I am not very creative. So when I got this question, I was like ;

-Lets go to New York

I have to say, it is so weird that the older I got, the less interested I was in America. So no, no New York, Las Vegas or Miami for me.

This question reveals more about your personality than you would think? Hot or cold country? Far away or are you still in the same country? Are you afraid to go to a country where you don't speak the language? Is your destination more like a dream or was it a conscious decision?

I'm going to choose for the carefully thought out part. If I would run away, I would plan to run away, hence I would have some spare money. I'm not the greatest with money, so I won't have thousands of Euro's. This means I most likely have to start in Europe.

Plane tickets are way to expensive, so something reachable by car or train would be perfect. I like warmth, so I'm going more to south. I've been to Spain and Italy, liked it, but I want something new;

Greece, Athens, and statue image Greece, grecia, and ayia napa image

T H E ^ E N D