well, this will be my first article here,
so, MY birthday was yesterday 06 march, i just turn 21, but i have depression and i am very lonely,
i never except that i will be this lonely!! like yesterday only few people with me a Happy Birthday !! most of "my friends" did not wish me a happy Birthday !!!

i say before that when i reach 21 i will change and be strong
but guys i am very week and alone !!!

guys its really hard that even your friends don't wish u a happy birthday !! </3
the depression is killing me !!!
i live my life without emotions !! only more sadness
i walk the street without making eye contact with the world!
i live my life with the same fucking routine!! i want to feel my life,
i want to smile, i want to feel happy
i want to have anyone who just care about me
i always help the people but no one help me
i cant even help myslef
guys i'm not okey !!
i was not this weak before,,!