Hey, lovelies! Today I'm going to be doing an article on ten things I've learned so far in 2018. 2018 is an important year for me and it could either make or break me but I felt myself drift through the first few days and then finally I was able to actually realise and learn a few things.


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I have trust issues and it's really bad, I've felt like I have never belonged anywhere but this year is important for all of us and with them, I feel like I belong and it made me realise that my friends and I will stick together through everything life throws at us.


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I'm paranoid 24/7 and it gets to me and makes me feel like shit all the time, I'm paranoid that people are chatting shit about me and hate me and so on. But my friends had taught me to think about myself and only the opinions of loved ones and not random strangers who don't know me.


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As I've said this year is important to me because from May to June I have exams and if I were to fail these exams I would have to retake and I don't want to. I drifted through 2017 like I didn't have to revise and get good grades and telling myself I'll start tomorrow was absolute rubbish. So I've learnt to study form now on and revise all my topics instead of starting late.


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Not everyone liked me for me and slowly I had turned fake, as in I would act like I was happy and pretend to be bubbly all the time but that slowly effected me in the worst way and I had learnt that being myself shouldn't be a problem because that's who I am.


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I've always done quite decent in school, I hadn't gotten lower than a pass and that what got me going but this year I had gotten a bad grade in Biology and I was depressed about it for a long time and I didn't know what to do and how to improve as I had tried my hardest. However, I learnt to accept the bad grade and revised for any upcoming tests instead of relying on luck.


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I wrote an article on how to get rid of toxic people, however, I had been a hypocrite and still talked to someone who was ruining my life. But this year I want a fresh start, I want to be someone who is true to themselves and the people around them. So I had distanced myself from the toxic people and am finally at peace.


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Ever since I was little, I had wanted to travel the world and explore new places and the older I got the more I realised how life revolved around money and education and with that, the piece of me wanting to travel had been shut down. But I've learnt that life doesn't always revolve around one place and I will be able to travel the world when I am older and I will work for it instead of wishing.


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For a long time, was convinced that my parents choose what I do and I have no choice but to let God lead me to my future, but life isn't always about following the rules if you want to do something then fight for it and I was able to show them what I want. This doesn't mean I'm not listening to my parents, I'll always listen to them but there are things I want to do I can't do now but I know will do later, and I want to show them how life as a 16-year-old really is.


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This one isn't really about me but its more about an event that happened recently, lots of people my age end up giving into peer pressure and they do things they will regret in the future but right now all they want to do is fit in, but is fitting in really worth ruining your entire life? I don't think so. So don't let other peoples stupid decisions that could cost you a lifetime.


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Lately, I've been so serious, not lately ever since I started secondary school I've been so serious that I forgot that I'm still a child and I should enjoy the last bits of freedom and fun I have before I get sucked into being an adult.

That's it for my article, I hope you enjoyed this article and make sure to hear this, feel free to message me anytime.

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