Hi! :)
Thank you for all your Reactions and Hearts you gave for the first two Parts of this challenge :)
This will be the third and the last Part of my This-or-that :)
Hope you like it! :)

~Bath or Shower?~

article bath bath Superthumb
Love to take a warm bath and relax after a stressy day at university *-*


alcohol the big bang theory funny christmas
I choose the Beauty and the Nerds :)

~House or Flat~

bedroom Superthumb kitchen bath
I would lease an apartment in a big beatiful city or near the beach until I have kids.

~Movies or Series?~

emily carl frank dillane cristina yang
I ALWAYS fall in Love with the characters. I need a series with A LOT!! seasons! ^-^

~Skirts or Shorts?~

fashion Superthumb adidas girl
I am not the girliest Girl. even if I like to dress up sometimes if I'm out - I keep it very basically in my ordinary freetime. :) I love Shorts in every colour and fabric. <3

~Facial-Hair or Clean-Shaven?

teen wolf mcdreamy boy black and white
Both!! :) Depends on the Guy :)

~Fruit or vegetables?~

Superthumb blue blueberry banana
I`ll go for fruits this time ^-^

~Adventurous or Cautious?~

nature blonde Superthumb beach
I am totally wishing for many more Adventures to experience in my Life. :)

~Fantasy or Sci-F?i~

harry potter Superthumb teen wolf dragon
Fantasy! :)

~Dressed up or Dressed down?~

beauty fashion adidas fit
I honestly have to say, I`m more often dressed down than dressed up.

~Loyal Relationship or Short Term O.N.S?~

city couple boy romance
Draw your own conclusion :)

~Early Bird or Night Owl?~

city article christmas bed
Thougt this one shouldn`t be missing :)

Thank you for reading ^-^

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