Each Zodiac's sign has it's unique features, it's planets and regent elements, as well as having regent gods, which directly influence its characteristics, peculiarities and ways of acting.


The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. He brings to this sign the intolerant and often aggressive temper that can lead the Aryan to put himself in various unpleasant situations.
The god Mars is Greek, son of Juno and Jupiter.
According to the Mythology, it is from him that comes, too, the impulsiveness of this sign. Moreover, the aggressiveness of this god is imminent: all violent wars and involving great baths of blood were ruled by him.


Taureans are possessive, jealous, they value beauty, are seductive and love intensely. These are undoubtedly characteristics of the goddess Venus. This Greek goddess is responsible for love, finances and luxury. Venus, also called Aphrodite, is extremely passionate and enthralling, and it is from her that love comes, an intensity of passion and lust - which is why it is very difficult, since many (both men and gods) do crazy things when they are in love or submitted to the desire of the flesh.


The sign of Gemini is known for his intense curiosity and for being in constant change, in addition to feeling the need to always be with friends, with whom he wants to talk and exchange experiences. These characteristics come from Mercury, the god of communication. Geminians are controlled by this god, also known as Hermes among the gods of Olympus. Considered one of the smartest gods, Mercury is son of Zeus and in its genetics also came the lie.


Cancerians are known for their paternity and fraternity, as well as being extremely devoted to the people they love. Such traits justify the goddess of agriculture and protector of weddings, Demeter, who rules this sign. For this reason that people of Cancer are very protective and feel great desire to form a solid family structure. Daughter of the god of time, Cronus, Demeter is also protectress of the fertilization, women and of any seed that exists on planet Earth.


Beauty, elegance, attention, egocentrism, luxury and strength. All categories are present, in the god Apollo, the sun god, who rules the Leos. This god always seeks to draw more attention than others, in addition to worrying much about the exterior beauty and elegance of being. Considered the most beautiful god among all of Olympus, Apollo was the son of Zeus and the goddess of nightfall, Leto. Apollo is also related to all kinds of art, but mainly to music and poetry.


Mercury, the god of communication who rules Gemini, also rules Virgo. Here, perhaps, other characteristics of this god are more evidenced, such as intelligence, maturity, seriousness and communication itself. Mercury also passed to the Virgos the characteristic of being more neurotic and methodical with everything that does.


Just like Taureans, people of the Libra sign are also ruled by Venus. However, just as Mercury gives different characteristics to Virgo and Gemini, the goddess Aphrodite also has other aspects to the Librans, who gain from the goddess characteristics such as understanding and the more intellectual form of love and beauty – that's why this sign begins to fall in love through a well-know conversation. In addition, Venus also governs Libra in its social capacity, its good taste and the search for balance in all areas of life.


Scorpio is the sign ruled by Hades, the god of hells and the depths. Also known as Pluto, this god is the brother of Zeus and son of Cronus, and justifies much the existence of the bad reputation charged by this sign. This god reigned the world of death, of sorrow and had the power to restore a man's life, but he rarely used this gift.


Zeus, the best known god of Olympus, rules the sign of Sagittarius. Zeus is the king and father of all gods and men on earth. This god had power under all atmospheric phenomena - whatever they were. But despite being able to send lightning, hurricanes and storms wherever he wanted, he always watched over order and harmony. He was married to Hera, besides being the father of Mars, _Hebe_, the goddess of youth, Hephaestus, the god of fire, and Illyria, the goddess of childbirth.


The regent god of Capricorn is Saturn, also called Kronos. A very disciplined, disciplinarian, patient, mature and unemotional being - characteristics sometimes found in Capricorns. If you know someone of this sign who is fond of clocks, know that this passion exists because of its regent god, who is the god of time. Saturn is also quite stable and perfectly manages his anxiety even when he is dealing with issues of great ambition and great achievements.


The sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, libertarian, liberating and libertine god. According to Greek mythology, during the creation of everything, Uranus controlled the heavens. It is also informed by mythology that Gaia gave birth to Uranus, and even then, he later became her lover. Uranus' most present feature in Aquarians, among others, is the constant need to fulfill desires, as well as the freedom that is paramount for people of this sign.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, god of the seas and oceans. By governing the waters of the world, Neptune causes Pisces to be intensely and emotionally connected. It is also given by this god the characteristic of a mentality directed to the collective, that many people of this sign have. Neptune lets his life follow the course of the high seas, that is, inconstant and without guidance, so it is very difficult to know what course he will take. The god Neptune is also known as Poseidon.