1. The Mom friend

This friend has no problem being truthful and honest with you, so you can always rely on her for good advice. Her purse is always filled to the brim with every day needs, such as sunscreen, a scarf in case it gets cold, food, advil, a blow-up raft, etc. She keep her other friends in check, like reminding them to do their homework. Friends call her first for soup and comfort when they're sick. She's always there to cheer up a friend. Her hobbies may or may not be old fashioned. ;) She pays attention to things like clothing sales. Most of the time, she has a schedule that needs to be followed, but is willing to relax a bit when she's with friends.

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2. The One-Upper/The Penelope

This friend brilliantly one-ups everyone around her. You got a raise? Hers was bigger. You got a boyfriend? She used to date him. You got all A's? She has all A's and a full ride to the college of her choice. You got a designer handbag? She has that same designer handbag and a closet full of clothes from that designer. You can guarantee that whatever you have, she has something better. It's not that she's being mean, it's just in her nature.

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3. The CopyCat friend

This friend either has to have everything that you do or agrees with everything you say. For example: Copycat friend, "I really like it when guys have multiple girlfriends; they have lots of experience!" Regular friend, "To be honest, I'd rather date a guy who hasn't been with a lot of girls; a guy who's been with a ton of girls is most likely to cheat." Copycat friend: "Yeah, you're right, I don't know what I was thinking!" Or it can be something as simple as: Copycat friend, "I think pink is prettier than blue." Regular friend, "I personally prefer blue over pink." Copycat friend, "Yeah, blue is better, you're right."
Don't take it too personally...instead, take it as a compliment! Your friend obviously sees you as someone to look up to, whether it's your style, ideas, or good personality. If it does get irritating, maybe kindly address your friend and encourage them to be unique! Most people like this are lacking confidence and/or are insecure.

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4. The Party friend

This friend is wild and full of life. You can't decide if you want to join her in a Friday night smasher or check her into rehab. This friend likes to go to parties and/or organize them. She's not very subtle but will get the job done. She's a great friend to let loose or have fun with, but be careful: she does everything to the full.

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5. The Narcissist

This friend has to be the center of attention for every single second. She turns most conversations into an excuse to talk about herself and rarely asks how you're doing. She isn't doing it to be mean, she's just wired that way. If you're really close to her, try and gently talk to her about your feelings, and how, sometimes, you don't want it to be about her all the time. Most likely, if you're close, she'll try to work things out.

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6. The Boy-Obsessed friend

This friend is obsessed with meeting cute guys, getting boys, and hooking up. She is probably the friend in your group that has had several short-term relationships due to her consistent amount of conquests. She often plans outfits, nights out, and sometimes her entire social life around finding a male partner. Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting a man for a period in your life, but obsessing over one is not the way to go. Lift her up and tell her that she is complete without a man and getting one won't fix all her problems. In fact, he may be the start of many!

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7. The Feminist friend

This friend is in the streets demanding justice and equality for all. She is a great wing-woman who you can count on to accept you for who you are and keep all your secrets. She will stand up for what she believes in and is definitely a force to be reckoned with! She doesn't look to the past but, instead, looks to the future and is unafraid of it. She will admit to her faults but ultimately strives to do what she believes is right. Don't mess with her.

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8. The Butterfly

This friend's social skills are on fleek. Unlike the narcissist, she doesn't demand all the attention to be on her, but she does love it whenever she's praised and acknowledged. She has the most friends out of everyone in the group and seems to have everyone's number. She's very current and will update you on every event or piece of juicy gossip. She's perfectly comfortable in her shell and doesn't mind going places alone, because wherever she goes, you can predict that she'll make a new friend! She can strike a conversation with anyone about anything. She's a great friend to have, but keep in mind that going out with her could mean some alone time for you.

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9. The Flake

This friend can be extremely irritating. She's the friend is either insanely late or totally bails. She might be innocent, she might be guilty. Who knows? You'll probably never find out. If you have a problem with it, kindly talk to her. If the situation isn't solved, maybe it's best to move on.

10. The Perfect friend

This friend was literally born lucky. Nothing bad ever seems to happen to her. She has the dream home, dream closet, dream car, dream boyfriend, dream job, dream looks, dream parents, dream dog, dream college, dream friends, dream body, dream life, etc. You get the idea. Unlike the One-Upper, she usually doesn't talk/boast about her possessions, unless she's really excited about it. This friend can be snobby, but isn't most of the time. It's hard not to be jealous of her. In fact, you'd hate her if she wasn't so nice!

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11. The Negative friend

This friend usually starts their sentences with, "I disagree..." They have the extraordinary ability to turn something wonderful into the worst thing on the planet. These girls are usually surrounded by a group of fellow naysayers. Some girls don't mind friends like these; I wish I was one of them!

12. The Counselor

Unlike the Mom friend, this friend isn't as warm and fuzzy. She is there to give advice, whether you ask for it or not. Still, most of the advice she gives is good and, while you like it when she listens to you (and listening to you makes her feel important and valuable), try to listen to her for a change and see how she responds. Your friendship will most likely strengthen, and she'll become a more lovable person to be around.

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13. The Clingy friend

This friend is sweet, kind, and compassionate, but has just one flaw: you can't get away from her! She always texting you, asking about your whereabouts, and occasionally sticking a toe over what you'd consider your comfort zone. Let's just say she's constantly bursting your personal bubble. Try to establish some boundaries with her early in the relationship, so she'll know what's acceptable. For example: don't respond immediately to her texts. Give her time by herself and then text back. That's one example of a simple, foolproof way to get some sweet time by yourself. It will greatly benefit you and also her; she'll learn how to live on her own instead of being co-dependent.

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