Hi, guys.

I was so excited about this day, because it's my fave thing to do... Show you my outfits. YAY! If you guys follow me on Instagram (you should, my user is whitetower_) You guys would know that I LOVE to share my outfit on my storys.

So, before I start to talk about nonsense bullshit, let's get started!


ghosts, larry, and selfie image
This was my outfit like a week ago. I just loved it too much.

Well, it is hard for me to describe things because I never know how. But my usual outfit is black jeans+ any cute t-shirt I have or a hoodie if it is cold+ my Adidas Superstar sneakers.

It is pretty simple actually, or it could be:
Blue jeans+ A black tshirt + my Adidas or my boots.

During the summer, it is:
black short pants + any cute tshirt + my black vans or my adidas.

I hope you guys get the idea. Because I'm really bad at explaining.

Sometimes I wear really cute clothes and sometimes I'm a little bit grunge, but you know, the idea is almost always the same.

See you guys tomorrow.

Lots of love, Cat.