Since I was a little girl I have been in love with Louis Vuitton. I love the feel of the leather, the monogram look, the smell of luxury. I was fortunate enough to visit an exhibition of all the vintage luggage. My favourite was a trunk that when opened unveiled a bed which an explorer used.

One of my favourite memories was what I did with my first Christmas bonus. I wanted a speedy bag so I waited for the shop to open and I went and bought my ultimate present. It is and always will be my most treasured possession because I worked hard for something I really wanted. It taught me the lesson of if I work hard I can achieve and have anything I wan. I do not need anyone else to make my dreams happen it is all about me putting in the commitment to go after my dreams. I continue to love by that philosophy.

I love the small accessories too. I have a Filofax, wallet, sunglasses and a hair bobble too.

If I won the lottery I would buy a trunk. I just love the detail and the look and I would use it in my bedroom. Maybe I would have it custom made. There is me dreaming again.

It is not about being materialistic because I am not I just love a product which happens to be a luxury brand. I cannot afford anything more I just enjoy the few trinkets I have.

We all have something we love. Why don’t you write an article and share with is what you love?

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