Hello, beautiful people How are you? Are you good? I hope so.
So today I wanna share with you my evening routine, so let's do it.

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after I arrived from school, usually go to the bedroom to take off my uniform and put some comfy clothes, because since the weather is so hot I CAN'T stay in jeans and heavy clothes.
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so I go to the kitchen and Drink a bottle of water before eating my lunch.
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after, I go to my bedroom again and take my homework ( If I have some) and make on the bed.
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since I finished my homework, I started to scroll up on social media, but most of the time I am on We Heart It (THE BEST SOCIAL MEDIA EVER) and stay there until I go to the Youtube and watch some videos and cartoons ( Because I love cartoons).
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Then when it's almost 4 PM, I grab a cup of coffee and relax a little more.
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When finally turn to 6 PM, I Start to make my workout routine that least 1 hour, then I go to the bathroom and have a cold shower (The best feeling in the world).
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AND, finally, I can come up to We heart it and stay a little more until I have to make some home stuff.
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Since I make this thing, I go to play with my dog and gave him I lot of love and wait until 8 PM.
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When finally are 8 PM, I go to the bedroom and start to make the 30- day challenge of yoga (Guys is such satisfying you complete this, I recommend you try), since I finished I grab another bottle of water and start to make my simple lay down routine (Brush my teeth, brush my hair, floss and give a goodnight to my mom and my dog) and finally I can go to sleep.

Okay, so If you came until there I want to say Thank you, for your precious time and to be here with me, so I wish for you a lot of love and amazing things for your life, so have a good day or night ( I don't know) bye.