Hello Beauties, here I am back again with another small article, today ill simply be talking about the love for kpop I have. I know theres people out there who dont really like Kpop and dont really know the reason why people love kpop. But today Ill give my reason why I love Kpop. Its simple, their music i love their type of music and how they come out each comeback with a new theme. Their music can even tell sometimes stories that we are living in this world and be meaningful to us. Another reason why I stan kpop is because of how inspiring it is, yes maybe you ask " how is it inspiring?" well you see there's idols that have very meaningful and different stories before being an idol. For example, a group I stan today and for about 7 months I've been on them is BTS, each of their idols have a different story and each one inspires me personally to chase my dreams. You see kpop is a different language, but it really speaks to us and can change you. It changed me completely this year and I'm thankful for it. Now here's a list of kpop idols that I stan:
2.Red Velvet
5.I.O.I (disbanded already though, so sad)

I stan a bit more girl groups than guy groups, but I'm starting to know a few more. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this article, it's just something simple babies, ill come back soon to write something new again.